Options for Volvo XC90 Lease end DMV region

Hi all,

I am in DMV region and currently leasing Volvo XC90, lease ends at the end of April and looking for replacement. I am considering BMW X7 but trying to figure out how to go best about it in making a deal. I know that the existing dealer doesn’t have BMW dealership and here in MD we have taxes on the sale price and not the monthly lease so looking for some strategies/ideas/info.

p.s. I got a quote from vroom for XC90 which would leave me with ~$280 in my pocket after payoff.

Thanks for assistance.

Rumor is that Volvo no longer allows for 3rd party buy outs.

I seem to recall seeing some decent x7 deals from @DMVLease in your area recently


Thanks, @mllcb42!

I’m at 8% off on X7 40is (as of tonight and could change tomorrow) because stock and availability is still really thin. I’m at 10% off an X7 M50i, but the MD tax would be a killer on that. The compromise may be an X5 with a third row, which are also 10% off. Let me know, @desi4life!

@DMVLease are the discounts listed available for to be built? What about the existing lease I have and options for trade-in? Just trying to see if some $$ can be saved on the taxes.

If any dealer can give you anything reasonable for your XC90, it would be a Volvo dealer. Otherwise, your tax credits will be negated by the negative equity (it will not make sense when trading your XC90 anyway, IMO)

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@Ursus is correct. The dealership tries to avoid trades and complicating things too. Feel free to email me at ashleigh@dmvlease.com to discuss discounts, etc. I have a meeting later to see if anything is changing but as far as I know we’re still at 10% on everything but the X7 40i, which is 8%, and all discounts are the same for ordering or on the lot.

any ideas on what to expect on a demo vehicle as far as discount goes?

Sorry, not right now. I haven’t been looking at Volvo recently. The market is definitely still tight. @ursus has a better idea than I do on that one, I’m sure!

No i meant demo % off for a BMW X7

Ohh! I don’t have any. It’s hard enough to get an X7 period right now. Most loaners I’ve seen in the last 9 months have been more expensive than new because used car values are up.

It’s 8% off new before incentives with base MF. Feel free to message me so we don’t get yelled at for being off-topic though. :slight_smile:

understood, i was just asking as far as whats should one expect to get as % off MSRP on a X7 loaner. i am trying to figure out whats the going standard…thanks!

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Easily 16% on a XC90 (yeah whooo covid). 9% new for X7 or XC90. :chocolate_bar:

We also got a slot at 9% off for X7

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