Options for selling off the rest of my murano lease?

Hi all,

I ghosted these forums for a while and read a lot before i leased my murano. I’m sure i didn’t get an amazing deal but I’m ok with it.

Long and short I put about $1200 down on a 3 yr 15k miles lease for a murano sv last year, have a 387 lease payment but I think about $50 is included maintenance (oops)
Year 1 is up in june or july.

Here’s the rub. I like the car, but I found out that I’d really like better vision out the back windows and better headlights. Anyway the other thing is my lease is at 15k miles a year, and I’ve only used about 6k!

What are my options for letting someone else get value out of my unused miles and allow me to go shop again for something i’d like?

The only issue i see is that the leather got ripped by what looks like a rake? 3 vertical rips in the back of the armrest.

Thanks in advance for any advice and sorry if i left out anything important. let me konw what you need and i’ll add it to this post.

Swapalease, and just find an automotive upholstery place to fix the armrest

I don’t think we missed you and it seems you read but did not apply. $50 a month on maintenance is criminal (this is not a lambo or maserati).
What is the MSRP of the car? Looks like a 35k from Google at SV trim AWD. So decent deal but might have to incentivize.

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Maybe someone else can confirm but I don’t think you will be removed from the contract just adding another name to it. Hence you are still liable for the car. IMO it’s not worth opening yourself up to that risk over visibility and headlights. Not to mention any costs you will incur in the transfer.

Your best way out of that lease would be a fire and an alibi :rofl:

NMAC leaves the original owner liable after transfer. Big risk OP needs to think about.

i may be wrong on some of the numbers i’ll need to double check but yea can you expand on that ? i am still liable after transfer? meaning for the lease payments? the car? all? both?

If that’s the case that’s pretty much a non starter as i’m pretty risk adverse in that area.

Is there any other option to recapture the miles equity (probably a bad term) i’d even think about trading to a differnet nissan for a 1-2 year lease. I doubt any other company could give me any kdin of pull ahead incentive at this point.

As someone else said, of course it’s not worth switching just for those reasons, but my thought is if it’s low friction it might be. Sadly it seems that’s not the case so I may drive it another 2 years. c’est la vie

If the new owner stops paying on the lease, you will be liable. If the new owner beats the hell out of it, turns it in with $2300 in damages and decides not to pay, they’ll come back to you.

I’m not trying to scare you, but it’s something to consider.

Nissan does not reimburse you for unused miles. It might help your resale value, but that’s about all.

no i appreciate it, if that is the case i’m out full stop.

that being said i’m finding conflicting info so i’ll give them a call.

http://www.swapalease.com/help/lease-company.aspx?leaseco=46 (example of conflicting info)

what is the conflicting information you’re referring to? It says:

Does Original Lessee Remain Liable: Yes

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ah yes you are right. i toltally read that wrong. thanks.