Optimal way to sell 2007 BMW in SoCal?

Selling my 2007 328i - here are some things I’ve done already:

  • List it on Craigslist
  • Stop by CarMax
  • Ask an independant BMW mechanic about selling it
  • Request a KBB InstantCash offer
  • Request a TrueCar offer

I know the topic of this board is leasing, not buying or selling, but I’ve still got some dead weight in the form of a BMW shaped money pit hanging around. Was asleep at the wheel when the i3 deals were out of control, want to be free and clear of this thing next time a deal like that surfaces.

What do you think about my strategy - are there any BMW dealers in SoCal that I should reach out to directly? Has anyone had luck selling their car on eBay?

Our readers have reported good results with Beepi. There’s also Shift, Carvana, and Vroom:


Cool - just signed up for Beepi, will report back! Going to look into the others as well.

Vroom looks really interesting, considering the fact that they operate nationwide (unlike the other online services).

I’ve used the KBB instant cash offer before and got what I felt was a fair value… But every dealership I took it to offered 30-40% less when they found out I wanted to sell it outright.

Sign up for Beepi and make sure you stop by CarMax for a baseline price…I used Beepi…It’s not the most advertised, but they started to offer the Beepi Express option…It was (may have changed) $500 deducted from your offer…They basically will pick the car a day or two after you sign the agreement after the inspection…I strongly recommend going that route unless you can keep your car in a garage for 30+ days…I say 30 plus because when I got a call on day 29 for Beepi to pick up my car they couldn’t come for 3 days and I was lucky because the very next day I was going out of town for several nights…

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Try Tradein solutions in Irvine, they offered me more than carmax

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