Optima vs. Sonata, which is better overall?

Hi Guys, I’m torn between the Optima or the Sonata. So I’m here to ask your opinions, both are below $200/mo with zero drive offs. But I’m very confused with what to get. Please enlighten me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Have a great day!

What I mean is which is a better car overall? But in terms of payments, the Sonata is $195/mo for 36 mos and 10k mpy zero drive offs, while the Optima is $185 for 36 mos and 12k mpy with zero driveoffs.

Sonata probably ahead by a little. I would personally stay away from both with my past experiences.

are you comparing Sonata SE to Optima LX?
same engine
same warranty

different configurations but base models are close (no power driver seat in either)

where are you finding an Optima LX for 185?

have you driven both?
either one will be fine for a 3 year lease…

Yes it’s LX and SE, I haven’t driven the Optima though but I will tomorrow. Quirk Kia here in MA is being really aggressive with their lease and wants to win me I guess and that’s why they offered me $149/mo with $1300 das, so that’ll total to $185/mo.

Didn’t you get burnt by Quick’s misleading ads/tactics before? And you’re dealing with them again? Let us know the outcome.

I will definitely let you know what happens. I recently dealer with their Mazda dealer and they were really easy to deal with and everything was done and signed in an hour.

i checked their web site and there’s some fine print about 299 doc fee and tax/tags not being included in their online pricing. Just watch for the last minute “extras” they will hit you with.

I always make a all-inclusive lease offer like this: $xxx driveoff plus 35 additional payments of $yyy

Can I use the $2500 Kia Customer Cash for the lease?

Why? I’ve owned a Sonata for 6+ years and I’ve had pretty much no issues. Depreciation is obviously worse because of myths that they are not good cars but that’s about it

i have a 2011 YF Sonata; still a good car but i am up to 11 recalls with one airbag (ACU) pending, making it 12 total. Can’t sell it because the value blows due to the engine failure problem (flawed design issue with ALL 2011-2014 YF Sonatas and many Kia optima models).

Only reason i am considering another Sonata (3 year lease) is because accord pricing sux at this time (no incentives). Hyundai warranty is still 5 year and 60k miles B2B so during a lease all is covered.

Warranty extensions for the engine failure issue:

Hyundai - you get a NEW engine for up to 10 years and 120,000 miles of service

Kia - same deal except they give you 15 years and unlimited miles

Engine was produced at the same Alabama plant.

Get the one that looks the best to you. They both ride on the same platform, so outside of aesthetics, they’re very similar.

I think Hyundai markets the Kia (or tries to) as the more premium brand, if that matters.