Opinions on this deal? 2020 Volvo XC60 T5 Inscription

Hello all,

This is a 36 month / 12K lease on a 2020 Volvo XC60 T5 Inscription. True sign and drive with 0 down. 525 a month including taxes. I’m seeing about a 10% discount before rebates / 17% after rebates. I qualify for loyalty and Costco.

MF: .00088
Residual: 57%
MRSP: 50,040
Discount: 5,057
Adjusted Price: 44,983
Lease retention: -750
Lease bonus: -1,500
Costco Rebate: -1,250
Total purchase: 41,483
Taxable fees: 995
Doc fee: 699
Tax: 118.58
Non Tax Fees: 47
Balance: 43,342

I think the fees are a little high but I know this dealer really well and they have always treated me well. I’m not looking to squeak every penny out of the deal. I’m not scared to go back and say so if there is lot more to give either. Dealer is in Atlanta, Ga selling to me in Jacksonville, Fl.

I can’t make the calculator make sense but here you go:



If you’re at 10% pre-incentive at buy rate, you’ve got a solid, but not OMG amazing deal on your hands.

Thanks very much. What would make this an OMG amazing deal?

Closer to 15% would be at that level. Especially with what seems to be a $995 dealer fee (they don’t like to negotiate this for whatever reason), you can probably get to 15% with some negotiation without feeling like you got every penny out of the deal.

12% is a standard.

I’ll beg to differ on this and agree with @mllcb42. Volvo dealers have REALLY pulled back in the last week or two. OP is saving $300 by going to Georgia, and dealers in Florida are really rough. I have been shopping the same car for my parents, and I was lucky sometimes, to get invoice and only 20 bps bump in the MF. They’re holding onto them like gold. If I negotiate cars all the time and am having this trouble, you can imagine what the market is like. 10% is pretty good right now.

By the way, for what it’s worth, the lease incentive is $2,500 in Florida, but I have confirmed earlier in the week that it’s only $1,500 in Georgia for the T5 Inscription.

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Thanks everyone. It sounds like I do have a pretty solid deal. We’ve got some other logistics to work out but I’ll likely proceed with it.

And for what it’s worth, I’ll be able to close this deal from my home in Florida. My contact always ships us our new lease and picks up the old one. I won’t have to go to Atlanta to close this deal. So there is some value in avoiding travel / shipping.

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