Opinion please - Mercedes Benz AMG C43 sedan

Hi - This forum is AWESOME!!
I wanted to get your opinions on this lease deal:

2017 MB AMG C43 Sedan (Package 2- i can navigate and park the car myself- haha)
Location: SoCal . (7.75% tax rate)
36months / 15000miles
MSRP $57,555
Cap Cost: $49,850.12 (includes company fleet credit of $500)
MF: .00123
Adjusted after 10 security deposits/autopay: .00043 (1.272%)
Dealer said he’s going to ‘mark this up 2 basis points to make his money’: .00063 (1.5%)

RV: $32806.35 (57%)
Depreciation: $17043.77
Rent charge: $1874.59
Total amount (Dep + Rent): 18918.36
Monthly w/out tax: $525.51
Monthly w/ tax: $566.24

Acquisition: $1095 (includes GAP)
Sales: $6.20
Registration: $111
License: $324
Doc Processing: $80
Electronic Filing: $29 (read online that this really costs $10- doesn’t seem like a big deal)
MSD: $6500

NET DRIVE OFF: $2218.44 (as i’ll get $6500 back in 3 years)

feeling pretty good. and i’m ok with dealer making some money- we all gotta eat, right? but what do you think?

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This is a good deal, much better than other C43 deals posted on here before.

Regarding the MSD amount, I think MB collects on the monthly BEFORE the discount, so that amount seems correct.


I think this is a good deal for one of these, and you get 15k a year.

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I am very much interested in this deal except I only want 10k miles. Can you PM me dealer info? I’m going to try and match the deal with other dealerships tho

That’s a nice discount on an AMG without an OMG price and it is still 1% MSRP rule (with tax). I think you did well and those who could not wait, they paid a lot more … Maybe in a few months, we should see sub 500 payments …

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