Opinion on this lease : 2016 Honda Accord Sedan , EX with Honda Sensing

Newbie to leasing and have been shopping for a car lease with tips for this website.

I am getting a “sign and drive” lease on a 2016 Honda Accord Sedan , EX with Honda Sensing.

MSRP: $28,100
Selling Proce: $23,500
Term: 36 Months/ 12K miles per year
Monthly Payment $312.60

Screenshot of Dealer screen:

They have capped everything to make this a “sign and drive” lease.
Having some trouble fitting the numbers fit into the Lease hacker calculator because they capped all fees and have a bunch of different fees.

Micheal, Please let me know if this looks like a good deal

Hi Taz,

Is it $1498 at signing or $312 at signing ?


All fees are capped into lease
Said it was a sign and drive

Even the first month is rolled in
Zero due at delivery

Thats a good deal i would take it.

I like the sale price, which is pretty nice @ 23.5k, definitely the 1250 in lease cash helped a lot.
But whats with that crazy 795 Doc Fee and 249 EFF, otherwise its a solid deal.
I believe Honda offers the same lease terms for the 39 months? if so it might be good to consider even if you have to pay an additional year of registration.

They are not budging on Dealer Fee $795 (Doc Fee)

Your best course of action is to go to another dealer, show them the deal and see if they can beat it.

Alternatively, if you’re willing to go to 39 months, it will be a little cheaper, tell them that’s fine they don’t want to lower the dealer fee if they’re willing to lower the sales price…I’d tell them to redo the deal at 39/mos and that you promise to give them top marks on their survey if they can $299/mo. That dealer fee with interest costs you roughly $25/mo FYI

Thanks EchoSide.
I will try that survey tip!

Previous to March, the residual on 39 was the same as 36 which allowed you to lower the payment a bit. As of March, 39 months now lowers the residual. 36 months is the sweet spot for now.