Opinion/Help - 2017 BMW X3 xDrive28i

I am brand new to leasing and I am not sure what questions I need to ask. These are the figures I was given and since it has the extras I was looking for, I know I am paying a bit extra.

These are all the figures i was given in the email and I am not sure where to go from here. I do know I get a 0.0002 discount on my MF and 1500 off due to the Fleet program. just let me know what I need to ask and where I can try to get a few extra discounts. I am in Phoenix, AZ by the way if that is also necessary.

MSRP 50120
My Price 47740
Corp Discount 1500
Purchase Price 46240

Payment for 36 months with only fees of 2652.68 is 532 plus tax for 10k miles per year.

Fees are first payment, plates, dealer doc fee, tax and acquisition fee

The information above is everything I was sent. I am definitely going to ask to make sure they gave the MF discount because it seems a bit high, but is there anything else I need to ask? Is there anything else I should look to try to reduce the price a little more? The price isn’t too bad for me, but I’d like to get it under 500 if possible.

Thank you so much and I appreciate all the advice and suggestions you guys always give out!