Onstar... Is anybody actually paying for it?

Is anybody actually paying for Onstar? My free trial just expired and it looks like it’s $35/mo for the remote access + Saftey bundle and then $25/mo to keep the wifi hotspot working. $60/mo seems like an awful lot. Curious if anybody actually finds value in these services.

Would be funny if one of you free Bolt owners is paying $60/mo for onstar…

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I had the wifi hot spot on a Canyon I used to have. Would come in handy when my cell coverage was garbage. If I could go back I wouldnt pay for it.

Nahhh not worth it…

I remember too using the free trial and it’s freaky how they actually track each and everywhere you go and keep a detailed log. They know exactly where you are and where you’ve gone.

The good ole Chevy black box.

I thought about keeping it for a second, then read the reviews … some of these stories are pretty shocking (if true):

If you really do want to keep it, I’m sure you can get a better deal. Just like with SiriusXM, I don’t think many people are paying the full advertised price.


I’ve kept the “basic” plan. Only used it once after getting rear-ended on the NJ Turnpike.

The only people that post on that website are angry customers. Nobody who is satisfied posts there. Nearly every single company has a terrible rating

I do like controlling the car from the phone app, for remote start and remote lock/unlock, at a range much greater then the key fob. And we used the wifi hotspot all the time, both for integrated car services and to provide connectivity for tablets… but the price is so out of touch with the value of the service. $2340 over the duration of my lease is just simply absurd.

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The prices are insane, especially if you have multiple vehicles. Just like Sirius I’d be willing to pay a reasonable price for some kind of family plan that covered all my cars. But who on earth is paying this kind of money if they own multiple cars?


Not true. My car insurance gets 4 stars, my cell phone company 3 stars, and my cable company 1 star. All pretty accurate and in line with my experience.

Imagine getting a Chevy during the free Cruze or $39/m Malibu era …

“Sir, would you like to add Onstar for $60/m?”