One-pay lease question

Hi all,

Recently got my second car since following our awesome forum. I did a Bolt LT deal for $8200 one-pay and am enjoying the car now. And that got my cousin super interested in the car as well. So I started working with him to secure a similar deal.
We did run into an issue and I wasn’t sure how to advise him on this. Before we went to the dealership to get the deal done, he told me that he hasn’t been working since August. So I’m not sure if the dealer would even let him lease since he doesn’t have a job now. Have any of you dealt with something like this before? I feel like since it’s one-pay, he might be able to get away with not having a job, as he won’t be making any monthly payments. But obviously I could be very wrong. Let me know what you guys think, thanks!

As long as he can show proof of funds, it should be fine. Shouldn’t matter that he doesn’t work rn.