One pay lease Pros and Cons

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Hello, is there point to a one pay lease and how much you really save?

Reduction in MF generally, so less interest paid. How much varies by bank.

On a One Pay you pay less in interest than you would usually pay on the monthly payments… also credit approval is easier if your credit is in good shape

On a one pay that I did, it was lower MF meaning less interest paid. In addition it will not figure in DTI calculations should I go to buy a house or something later this year.

Hey Kima,

So as others have said you do generally save some interest. However keep in mind there is the possibility of theft/total loss. When paying monthly, some makes have gap insurance where in that unfortunate event your remaining lease payments are waived but if you pay it upfront it is very unlikely you get a refund. Also paying monthly builds credit score as its a record of timely payments.

One pays are generally handled differently in this regard than making a big upfront down payment.

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