One pay lease and DTI for Mortage

Hey all. This has been discussed a few times but I was wondering if anyone can confirm the following scenario? My wife and I are arguing that a one pay lease will still show as a debt when applying for a mortage and will affect DTI.

My wife is a lender but has not yet encountered this and is fairly new. I’ve read that it does NOT get considered in DTI. Has anyone actually went through this who can provide insight? Thanks!

In the past, I’ve seen it show up as a lease that was paid off and the loan was closed. However, it takes a few days or so for the one pay to get processed.


Experian trade line:


Interesting. BMW treats it more like an escrow and pays your payments monthly from the one-pay collected.


PFS is not impacting my DTI and in fact shows it as a closed account. Interesting indeed.


Had a Toyota onepay and it did not show up on my credit report. Looking to do another onepay just to keep DTI in the green.

Chrysler Capital also did not affect DTI or loan balances.

Def the way to go. 600/mo can affect like $100k of mortgage value. So def a good option if that’s gonna put you under the threshold you need to get approved for


Thanks everyone! I think this is the route I will take as well. We will be in the market for a home within 12 months so this seems like the best decision.

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About to sign on a one pay tomorrow. Probably a dumb question, but do they still pull credit for a one pay? I’d imagine that they do but it crossed my mind so figured I’d ask here. Thanks

They do. You still need to be credit worthy as there is still risk in the deal for the bank.

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