On avg. how much in % is the MSRP over the invoice price for BMW's 330i?


I’d like to get a better idea on how much, realistically, I could ask off the MSRP for a new car on a lease?
Area: NYC
car: BMW 330i xdrive.

thank you all

Go to Edmunds to get this info.

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Invoice has nothing to do with the answer to this question.

You’re far better off looking at the marketplace and shared deal listing here to establish what pre-incentive discount the market is currently supporting off of comparable deals.

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Additionally, the % probably changes, the more optioned out the car is.

I doubt BMW is different, but, at least wwith Hyundai, what I see is, on a base model, there is maybe 1-2% between MSRP and Invoice - something like the absolute cheapest Elantra. But if you go to a fully loaded Elantra with the leather and sunroof, there is slightly more margin, as a percentage, built into the car, where it may be 3-4% swing instead of 1-2%.

This is why I’ve never liked comparing % off MSRP as a measure of how good of a deal you’re getting.

If you’re looking for the absolute cheapest car, a base model for 1% off MSRP may still be a significantly lower payment than a well-equipped model with 8% off MSRP.

Lastly, with nationwide inventory shortages, and depending on what you want, there is a very good chance that 0% off MSRP is a fair price and a realistic target.

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that is true. thanks