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Has anyone leased through Omega Auto Group? I am having hardest time getting in touch with anyone after the process began. Thanks. @Omegaautogroup

A friend of mine leased through them a while back and had nothing but good things to say. That’s the only anecdote I can personally offer though.

I used Omega, Text No Answer, Email No Answer, Call answered every time.

So basically call.

yea, every time I call it just keeps ringing for a long time then eventually can leave a message but no returned call.

@Omegaautogroup well I’ll page him here and see if he responds.

Doesn’t that tell you enough?

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Hey guys, we do apologize for the lack of response the past two weeks. Our entire team has been recovering from Covid. Unfortunately, I am the only one back to work today. Hopefully the rest of our team will be back in the next week or two. From now on all calls will be answered again.

@borme If you are still in the market, please give me a call and I will get you taken care of. 818-900-2565

@Omegaautogroup Well that explains it…wow ALL of you? dang small office I bet.

Hope you got better!

Hi I’m interested in an M4 Comp XDrive. The lease numbers I’m seeing on your website align pretty well with where I’m trying to be. Should I just call the number you posted above tomorrow or better to email?

All meaning our entire customer service team. Unfortunately, accounting and data entry staff are unable to be of benefit in terms of handling deals for clients. :cry:

We are working on hiring more customer service reps. This was a big wake-up call.

Yea give me a call! Texting works too, but if you want immediate info, calling is still always best.

Also, don’t forget our website is a full online platform. You can get the process started right on the website.

(Do know that M4 Comp are custom order only right now.)

Give me a call and I can discuss this with you in more detail. 818-900-2565

Yep I’m trying to do a custom order. Have till May before my X5 lease is up. I saw some builds on your website that price wise are right up my alley, just with a couple of options a little different from how I would like.

I’ll give you call during normal business hours tomorrow. Thanks.

Sounds good! In terms of a custom order, have a build code ready when you call and I can quote you on that specific build

Perfect, will do

You can actually get real M3 build allocations in SoCal?!

What states do you operate in? I should’ve asked that first. I’m in Georgia but I’d do a PCD for BMW in Spartanburg so could buy from any dealer.

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