Ok I'm hot n ready for a Ford F150 SuperCab XLT lease?

I figured there would be all kinds of markdowns and lease deals but not seeing much.

Where are all the Ford F150 lease deals?

I have about 9 local area zip=93536 Lancaster/Palmdale CA area Northern Los Angeles Ford dealer email contacts I have been collecting so ready to send out emails. My credit score is very high 815.

Any advice on how to write an email to all of them at same time looking for best deal?

I have very basic requirements:

2017 or 2018 whatever gets best deal
Pearl White
Tan bench seats 40/20/40 no bucket seats at all
engine don’t care so much will even take standard v6
XLT but could do Lariat too

Ok anyone with good advice on what to ask for and what to look for from an email blast out?


You can do a search and find out if there have been any F150 lease deals but in general they do not lease well because they sell so well. Ford doesn’t discount as much as other manufacturers and they keep the mf high. I’ve seen quite a few Rams that have leased well if you’re interested in those.

Just email them with those details of what you’re looking for and ask for a quote assuming the length and miles you want that breaks out the money factor and any discount vs rebates/incentives (if there are any). Most importantly make sure to note you are looking to only pay drive off fees, no cash down.

Oh and leave out the part about you being ‘hot n ready’

I’d say for the vehicle that doesn’t lease well, maybe just send them email asking for the biggest discount on the purchase and don’t mention your credit score, they may want to try getting you on the rate.
Also consider a purchase as well. If they don’t lease well but have a high resale value it could be worth just buying it instead of wasting time on the “perfect” lease.
Here is current special https://www.ford.com/trucks/f150/2017/pricing-and-incentives/
You can also buy with their rate and refinance at credit union in a month if their rate is lower.

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On the contrary, I think the “hot n ready” is the most critical info to give :rofl:

OP, I would consider buying one of these, especially if you live in the Southeast. Trucks have crazy resale value.

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Alright, think about the following:

Ford sold almost 1 MILLION F-150’s in 2017…
I repeat, Ford sold almost 1 MILLION F-150’s in 2017…

Why would Ford need to incentivize the F-150?

Now, why in the world would you lease an F-150 that is now made up of a bunch of aluminum, when most people use trucks for truck stuff? You will get annihilated on the wear and tear.

Guess you’ve never seen what a truck looks like after 10 years of driving on roads here in the “Salt Belt”. Wheel wells, beds, and rocker panels rotted out are the norm. Aluminum body is almost a necessity in some states.

ask for Jonathan Soto at ken grody ford. tell him I sent you. used to work w/ me at chevy.

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Some of the people who lease f150s have “made it in life,” I’ll use the example of my dad in this case, he builds new homes (about 150-200 per year) and does government contracts, he is at least 5-10 job sites a day and is in his truck supervising, he will never tow anything with it because he has workers/other trucks for that but we live in the north east so 4x4 is a necessity, sometimes last minute in an emergency he will need to haul a dishwasher or boxes of hardwood floors, tiles, sheetrock, vanities etc etc when the companies he deals with like 84 lumber can’t make the delivery or screwed it up hence the need for a bed. So yes these people still use their truck as a truck, on the other hand these people aren’t broke bums like you and actually have garages with luxury cars and supercars in them so they dont want to sit hours in a beater truck in the middle of winter with no heated seats or in the dog days of August inside a truck with the sh*ttiest a/c known to man. The luxury features are an added bonus plus the supercrew has more rear seat legroom than any s class or rolls royce I have ever sat in. This is just one example, now include all the horsemen, ranch owners, etc etc and the whole luxury truck market is a growing market because people want one vehicle that does it all, you can take these higher end trucks to work and then clean it all up and take it out at night or on the weekend.

MUH DADDY! He leases the equivalent of a Hummer H2/H3.

Call everyone else a broke bum.

To be this level of genius…

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2pac just dropped some fire on you all. :rofl::joy:

Cool it, kiddos. No need for personal attacks.


The absolute state of the internet.

I don’t get pick up trucks, I live in the DC area and want to be able to park on the street so i could not care less about Ford vs. GM truck loyalty. But I have worked previously for a company that did some consulting with GM. Most pick up truck buyers do not use their truck for “truck things.” For trucks that retail above 50k that “most” becomes even smaller. I never had access to any Ford information but I’m fairly certain Ford went to aluminum since overall it is better for some large majority of it’s customers.

I heard truck car culture could get heated but whew :fire::fire::fire::fire:

you just took everything out of context and randomly quoted me where ever you wanted to and didn’t even bother to counter a single claim, did you miss the part where I said I had a z06 and now a hellcat? Also I doubt you have even sat in a c class or 3 series so I dont know why you would even refute that lol, turbo diesel is forced induction you do know that right? why did gm bash ford for the aluminum body and then put them in their own 2019 model? LOL, ram did a great job with their redesign in terms of technology and style, they should see a big boost in sales and can actually compete with ford on the tech,styling and functionality, Chevy took a huge step back by not offering a console or electronic shifter like the competitors or the panoramic roof and that God awful styling, the gmc hasn’t been shown yet but may make up for Chevy with gmc being the more luxurious brand but general motors in general seems to want to capitalize on the older “trucky” generation guys and not want to gain market share of the more “techy/younger generation of buyers,” either way from your first post I could tell you are super old school and clearly don’t understand the market much like blockbuster undestimated Netflix you’re soon going to see the pickup truck evolve.

For the most part pickup trucks are obsolete in the city, you can’t parallel park it in those small spots, they sometimes have trouble with height clearance in certain garages and are overall a large vehicle that is a burden to drive in tight city streets, like I said earlier not a truck guy at all but still a car guy so I can see the usefulness as well as the downsides to them, upsides being that with higher trim models it feels like a luxury vehicle with a bed and can still tow a lot of weight, can use the bed for lots of things, tailgating, moving furniture, “truck stuff” for construction guys, horsemen, ranch owners, tradesmen, etc etc. but I digress, a vehicle should fit your needs not anybody else’s, and a lot of these expensive vehicles are bought because people can, you think these rappers know how to drive a lamborghini or ferrari on the track where they are actually designed for?

Hi 2pac,

Saw your posts on a couple threads now where you mention your pop’s f-150 platinum lease for $599/mth. Question: I don’t believe you’ve ever mentioned for how many miles/yr this lease was negotiated. Care to share?


sup boom, all the company trucks him and business partner have ever leased are always the lowest possible miles (3 yrs/10.5k miles per year) simply because any miles they run over the allotted amount are an easy tax write off In the last year of the lease, I believe it was 20 cents a mile over but it could be 25, not sure what we negotiated on that part, just for reference ford does 1.5k increments from 10.5k all the way up to 19k miles and its roughly $20-$25 per step up.

Edit: I’m sure you could do better than $599 with the right dealer, I saw 64k platinums going for $51k on cars.com if you qualified for most of the rebates you could slide into the low 5s for sure.

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