Offer on an Audi A3 in SoCal - thoughts?

What do you think of this deal:

  • 2017 Audi A3 Premium front-wheel drive
  • MSRP: $35560
  • Sale price: $28555
  • Term: 3 years / 10K
  • MF: 00035
  • Residual: 48%
  • Drive off: $811
  • Monthly: $325 including tax (we’re in SoCal)
  • Rebate: $500 acquisition

Discount is strong but shockingly bad residual. You could apply MSD’s to reduce the MF a bit, but Audi only does 0.00005 per MSD so you would have to see if it helped much.

Agree the residual is a killer. Any recommendations for a 4 door German with better residual?

The best time to lease a sedan was last year when discounts were high but residuals were still high. We can say bye bye to good sedan leases now, residuals are sub 50% for most brands …

Was this for the A3 sedan? Or was it the Sportsback version? I only ask because if you were looking or a hatchback (that’s what we call them in the UK, not sure about the US) then there are other options out there.

This is for the A3 sedan

Well the C class sedan seems to lease better. Have a look on the forum, I think there have been a few done recently.