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so what’s a reasonable monthly payment for this deal? 1% MSRP? 580?

I think we are not really supposed to talk deals here.

Butttt… I m guessing 1% or less should be your goal on this car. People are getting a little under 1% on lexus suvs. You should be able to do better on a slow seller like this (when the time is right). If it’s over 1% I feel like the this car isn’t ripe yet…

I put $2700 down to obtain the $528 per month lease payment. The discounted the MSRP and the $4k was Lexus Northeast Lease cash. I feel it’s a good deal at $528 per month and $2700 down

$650 is more than $528, not sure how that is bad but I could be wrong. Apologies for not spelling out my deal clearly, looking at it now, I was not clear in my breakdown.

Are you a prick to everyone or did I personally offend you? Given that the original post said nothing particularly incendiary, I’m going to assume the former.

This is the Dealer/Broker review section.

You can either PM him directly, or post in here; SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers

Edited your post. Stop advertising dealers that you didn’t even get a car from. There is PM for this.

Thanks I didn’t read the fine print/etiquette on the forum about its. I guess was litle anxious to share a great deal to fellow car lease enthusiasts.

If you want to broker here (and that’s what you are trying to do, IMO) then just register. Posting full contact info from different dealerships looks like a paid advertisement to me.

He he he Ursus you continue to think that I’m a broker. I have worked with many in the past and but its not worth the time and money for me (or lack there of). Also, if I where a broker why would I want to solicit on a site that focuses on lease best practices or beating broker deals? I’m no glutton for punishment.
But as mentioned in many many forum listings to you, I do what I do to help friends and their friends get the best deal and not get ripped off like I did many years ago. The last person I helped was our old IT guy’s brother in law, in my firm, who reached out at me this weekend (have not spoken with him since 2016 - reason why I knew it was 2016 because it was the last text he sent).
So Ursus need to take off the forum police badge once in awhile and see that people really want to help others in this forum.

I don’t really care. But that’s what you pretty much declared on the first day here as @maguzma - intend to broker deals for a small donation.

It seems you care for all the self policing you do and done on me.

Remember I’ve never asked for anything from those I help but they feel good when they give me a card, hug or bottle of wine for all the time I spent on their behalf (Matthew 5:6 and Romans 15:1).

What’s the MSRP and tax rate?

I didn’t know you could still lease 2015

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It was a used car…

Ok I think I just found my ideal lease. Are you east coast or west coast? Any breakdown on the incentives (any loyalty or conquest money or is it just straight 3250 lease cash?)

Very nice!!

@aronchi: how easily hackable are these QX50s?

I heard today that Infiniti wants to push these harder than ever before cause of slow sales. Wonder how much is true.

Looks beautiful! 0 das?

Are you east coast or west coast? Any breakdown on the incentives (any loyalty or conquest money or is it just straight 3250 lease cash?)