Off Topic Landfill

Would you please send me the link as well Gor?

this is what they are offering me.

this is what i was being offered.

You know, I only just now noticed that the license plate in your picture reads “mensch.” Yenta919 is available in NY, and I’ve debated getting it…

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Love that black one with graphics.

36 month lease @5,000 miles a year
2020 911 Carerra 4S
MSRP $140k
Nassau County (8.625 tax)
Only first and DMV due at signing.


I’m hoping that’s a joke LOL

no, they are currently being leased at MSRP

Give that “f-ing lawyer” (porn lawyer?) from New York a call. She sounds like a peach, probably likes soy boys

I thought that dude was doing time and dis-barred. May as well ask people on the internets.

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And that is AOC and Greta’s dream … of a green new deal

Breaking news … AOC plans to endorse Bernie. They are coming for your guns and cars and planes and meat and …

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Not the worst thing, people are just too freaking fat and sick these days.

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And the number of people who will call an Uber and wait for 10 minutes rather than walk 1-2 miles is even more appalling …

It’s the Uber experience, the tictacs, chargers. You don’t get it.


But not theirs…

True but the life expectancy has never been longer and the USA has the highest life expectancy in the world if you take out motor vehicle accidents and gang murders

I’m glad to be fitting the bill so that fat people could be on life support most of those lives. /s

Well with Medicaire for all you’ll be footing the bill for everyone.

So you’re saying I’ll be paying for actual coverage unlike now I’m paying for insurance Co profit margins? Scary thing.

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Yes you will be paying a lot more for inferior “actual’ coverage. Here’s the thing I really don’t get. Do you know anyone on medicaire? My parents and all there friends are on it. Everyone of them have supplemental private insurance because there are a lot of things it doesn’t cover or covets half assed. It’s a big business How is it going to be any different when we expand it to everyone?

I have no issue with expanding it to help more people providing private insurance isn’t eliminated and it doesn’t affect taxes.

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