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Sounds good. I’m in the area all the time at the Volvo factory.


What sort of deals can you put together on Infinitis? Been looking for a deal in NC for a very long time, having a lot of difficulty finding something comparable to what’s routinely put together for NYC and/or SoCal and/or Texas.

We may just watch for fun:)

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ADoesn’t matter if it even McLaren:)
Unspoken gentleman rule of the club is not to negotiate deals on here dealership style “where you want to be”. :nauseated_face:
Remind of what we here are all trying to avoid at all costs.
Put up sample deal and see where is goes.

On the other no one is prohibiting you from trying to haggle here deanship style. Just won’t work.

Didn’t notice we are in review section. Ops.
The “let me know where you want to be” question for me confused we are in marketplace.


please share me the dealer information. Thank you.

Why do I have the feeling every post but OPs will be moved to the landfill…:man_facepalming:


Mind sharing dealer info?

Hi Dave
looking for great deal on I3 REX lease only
if you can help

Please send me latest link

Hi any I3s deals out there for lease?


Any BMW i3 deals in San Deigo?

Can you send the link please

Looking for lease on q7


this guy churns

No sAAver availability ? 20k AA is awfully steep!

AA has been experimenting with “Web Specials” in lieu of Saver awards, so there were no Saver options presented. Obviously there was nothing “special” about that redemption (CMH-DCA)!

At least our upgrades went through.


I’ve seen those web specials. Dates never align when I need them to. Least you had the pts when you needed them. My AA bucket is running dry with options to replenish the stock dwindling.

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We earn them a lot faster than we use them, but I still hate getting such a poor redemption value…

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You must have a business and/or very high spend. My stockpile came from card SUBs and with recent changes from AA, not sure what it will look like going forward.