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That’s fine

You and your man Corey can have a conversation on the tone he takes with prospective customers - a lot of you on here is trolls or persons that want to speak down to others that’s really trying to navigate the lease world. We’re not all experts some total novice to this lease thing and that’s fine, if you have nothing nice or helpful to say you simply keep your mouth shut and keep scrolling, advice is always welcome talking shit will not be tolerated

BMWDave, would like a link for the spreadsheet? Thanks.

Cody, I’d be interested in your link as well. Just Toyota or Lexus as well?

Link please

Link please

Having a bad day bro?

You ma-ma, ma-ma, ma-make me-e, happy-y-y

IP bans aren’t very realistic, and easy to circumvent. I like the idea of just leaving the paper-trail in this thread for people to see… if someone really isn’t going to see through the dude’s BS and not work with Ben because of it, he prob doesn’t want to work with them anyways. :smiley:

PM me, i am interested in the S60 r design, have costco

That is a real jerk move… I mean I wouldn’t sell you a car on the 6th time…

You took a picture in Front of In-in-Out!!!
Jerk!!! Miss that place :slight_smile:

Enjoy the car


Oh Yeah - It was Chocolate shakes for everyone to Celebrate!
So now I got the:

Need - Vette !

Congrats! Insurance cost on these is ridiculous in my experience and wipes away any gas savings.

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Thanks! Insurance only went up $100 a year. You have to call and get your insurance to manually add it, the only trim they have is the performance. Which me having a car that is $11k less, will have a huge impact.

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That makes A LOT of sense geico quoted me $104/mo increase from my Wrangler (which is one of cheapest to insure).

Have him write a review for you :slight_smile:

(Let’s not continue the chatter here, though).


nice work on a beautiful jag!!

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Beautiful car. Nice deal! WTG.

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How does Tesla numbers work?

On their site, if I build your car I can get it to $43,900.
Then its 4500 down (minimum) and 460 a month?

Just wondering - thanks and beautiful car. Congrats !!!

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Thank you!! That is the biggest issue I saw in the whole process of getting that car. The delivery fee of $1.2k was never mentioned when I leased the car. Was tacked on at the very end when I went to fill out the credit app.

Has anyone tried moving @Michael’s posts to the Landfill? :thinking::joy:

Awesome color and great deal!

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