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Come on, seriously. What kind of credibility do you think you’re building when everyone sees you, a prospective broker, soliciting the USERS of this site (who you presumably intend to cater to) for leads??

It just comes off as tacky. The brokers here are successful because they’ve built relationships and brought their knowledge and expertise to this forum. I would highly suggest offering some of your own rather than coming here leeching off of everyone else’s deals.



It gets better, in another thread, he’s a ‘veteran’ and could teach me a thing or two



I just ran across the off ramp thread. You guys beat me to the punch. Oh well, it’s a message I don’t mind hammering home.



What is wrong with being nice? If you can’t be nice, you don’t have to make a rude comment. Sure, asking for information that one can easily Google is not smart or the best use of people’s time. But you don’t have to reply to every post or insult someone. Of course he made a wrong comment on another thread and people point that out and it was constructive but this exchange is not.

There are some awesome people on this forum that make it amazing. I wish we all remember why we are here. Peace.



That is great for Passport. They blew me off when I offered 20% off. Said we were “thousands apart.”




Hi everyone - wondering if anyone knows where to find small fleet owners or individuals looking to make money on a lease. I run a rental company and am always looking for ways to source new inventory since we are oversubscribed on demand. Thanks!


Please keep all your "wanted" ads here

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Benedetto the Broker; Operate in all of the lower 48 states

@dmitry I just read through the thread and I think anybody who reads it can understand YOU DON’T LIKE VOLVOs. That’s okay. But, you’re pushing your Q50 on everybody. Not everybody wants a car from Nissan/Infiniti, especially one that gets shit MPG and came out in 2013, enough time for a person to go through 3 lease. My family has had 15+ volvos in less than 25 years and while you may dislike them, they are great cars but not for everybody. Volvo’s portray an “unostentatious affluence” and from my understanding the majority of their buyers tend to be middle/upper class educated people (I have been told this before and read it some where but don’t quote me).

I don’t care what you say about Infiniti but I would never drive one and I’m an extremely fast driver. My 17 V8 Jeep and our current 16 XC90 both perform adequately to maintain the speeds I want on the highway and can easily pass whoever is in my way. If i really wanted to go quickly I’d drive our XJ Super. Volvo is definitely a more advanced and more comfortable car than your Q50 regardless if you want to agree or not. And my XC90 with 40k mikes in 3 years has not had any serious issues and I’m not waiting for my 19 to be delivered.

Maybe instead of commenting on a Volvo thread and telling people to buy a Q50 and the S60 sucks you should comment on Q50 threads and say how much you love yours.


2019 Volvo S60 T6 Momentum AWD Lease Wanted

I never said S60 sucks. If you ever read any previous posts of mine, you can see how highly I talk about the new Volvo S60 overall. MPG wise, I get 25-27 in the RS, so that is not true…and my mileage is better than your Jeep’s V8 either way.

My family had the same case as yours with Volvo, and many Infiniti’s within the years.

The Q50 is a great car, just as the S60…but the OP has a Q50 right now, and all I did was suggest the RS to him!



You’re correct you didn’t specifically say Volvo sucks. The entire thread is based on you saying how your infinit is superior to the Volvo and the company.

Yes, Geely bought Volvo in 2010 but many Volvo’s are still made in Sweden and designed by the Swedish (XC90, V90…). This happens to companies all the time and doesn’t mean the brand goes to pot. So your argument there that it’s owned by a Chinese company and it’s gone downhill is irrelevant.

Lastly my Jeep with the 5.7 can do 23-24 mpg on highway at 85+ Mph and in 4x4 so your infinit mileage isn’t amazing. The Volvo will manage 30+. And in town tour Infiniti will be in the mid to high teens, Atleast in NJ. You spent all these posts pushing your car, a car the OP already has, you have the right to post your opinion, which you did, but the rest of the time you took every shot at Volvo possible.



You just mentioned only 2 cars made in Sweden. XC60 = China. S90 = China. The XC90 and V90CC are the only ones to be built there.

I think 25-27mpg is good enough for 400hp and AWD.
Best I managed in my driving on the S90 T6 was 26mpg.

While I love the V90CC and S60, I feel as if the company has gone down the drain. I have worked with Volvo, and I could see the quality shift in between these years.

I am not bashing them, but in the case of the OP…the Q50 RS w/400hp is superior to a base T6…especially in performance



Past, present and future Volvo owner here and I agree with all points made by @Axz105. That being said, I think this horse has been beaten to death, risen from the dead and been beaten to a pulp again. Different strokes for different folks but I don’t see much new constructive advice for OP here…



Would you all hate me if I leased a Lexus???

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I really liked the older ES350, from 16-18…fantastic car! I hate the new one though.



If you do, go for a GS350 F Sport…that car is :heart_eyes: too!



Not if it was a GX or LX :laughing:



FTR, the XC60 and the xc40 is made in Ghent, belgium, the XC90, v90, v60 are made in Sweden, and the new s60 is made in SC. The only Volvo currently imported from a Chinese factory is the s90. Regardless, last I checked my iPhone was made in China and its a pretty good piece of equipment.



XC60 is made in China. 2017 was made in Sweden…not the newer ones.



That is why it says in Chinese characters “Fuyao group” on the side window. Pay closer attention🙂



Oh boy what have I started

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