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So the real question you should be asking yourself is: Should I “One-Pay” or “Monthly-Pay” the lease in my humble opinion? Being that you’re trading a 2022 for new a one, buy vs. lease I don’t think is a great hold-up. The technology on hybrid’s/ EV’s in changing exponentially year over year. Furthermore, you’re capturing a credit upfront on the lease for the Hybrid/ EV which if something changes, you’re initial buy amount(Cap Cost) is reduced by substantially, thus lowering your overall cost should you decided to keep the Jeep after the lease term. Remember, you have the open to purchase the Jeep at any point.

The beauty of leasing is that you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket so to speak. The market changes, life, technology or god forbid a “total-loss” accident, you’re not liable for the balance or loose all you down payment/ equity. Furthermore, you have the much lower monthly payment cost vs. purchase without the massive down payment.

The net cap cost vs. total residual is simple. The net cap cost is after your trade equity and rebate. It is not after your “one payment” on the lease. You’re receiving $17,000 toward the gross cap cost of $58,539. Now usually there is a very small MF reduction for a “one pay” lease as well as “multiple security” deposit lease. One again though, in both scenarios, lots of money going out at one time. This defeats the lease premise in my humble pinion again. Whatever, the bottom line is that, the lease is a deal because how else are you going to have a $260/ month payment on an almost $60k vehicle?

The Residual is what the manufacturer estimates the Jeep will be worth at the end of the term. This means that whether you t down a big chunked buy, one pay lease or whatever, in 3 years the Jeep will be worth “x.” High likelihood that you will after the next best Jeep in 2 1/2 years, rather than keeping this guy the way Tech is going. My suggestion would be go for a monthly based lease and keep your $11,571 in the bank. You’re money always works better in your possession. The chances are that the monthly payment s not terribly different. I would put the minimum down out of pocket and the first month as is customary, 1st month payment and license/ dealer fees.

The thing that is great about leasing is you vehicle ownership costs are fixed. You know your monthly, under warranty, virtually no maintenance to worry about since it is new and will be lower milage and time used.

I think I covered everything hopefully. Please let me know if I did not and I can elaborate more. I have had these same questions asked many hundreds of time in my experience. Totally legit questions. I have answered as I have in all previous cases. The case can even be made for folks who drive a lot o miles per year as well believe it or not!

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No, it’s not.

There is often a significant reduction in mf. A one pay here saves about $2500 over the life of the lease, if held to term.

This is super clear and incredibly helpful. I feel much more confident going with the lease option and it will definitely save me a lot of money!

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