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and i felt bad for spending $10 on chicken over rice lol

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I’m ok spending on my nights out for dinner. What I’ve noticed lately is shitty service, small portions and subpar quality food for that $200 meal for 2. We have been just doing our trusted happy hour spots lately. Used to be $75 for that. Now over $100. But at least I’m full and have a buzz as opposed to eating out prime time these days.

I love reading your deals and always buffels me with good discount only to go into and read about insane fees add-ons. Every out of FL shopper will bite at your headline only to be disappointed how much of that discount was claimed back by $1,3k doc fee plus proverbial “pink tire air” fee etc.

I think you should boast your discount inclusive of all add-ons. Anyone coming from North easy thinking “usual” doc fee even for our NJ or CT uncapped fees of $699, FL doula be that… on a 24 months lease that is not a small chunk.

When I see GC for $300, it looks awesome. When I go inside calc and see the DAS, it’s like “you’ve been played. Thanks for visiting”

Not that I’m asking you to change the way you do business, but just personally how it feel when someone says “I have the best discount” should also mentioned in the same sentence “I also have the largest fees in the country”

Unload over. You may go back to your normal scheduled programming.


Evaluate it as a total deal cost - I swear you can never win with this crowd.

It only exists on in stock units - not orders. Compared to the other broker on the east coast (their doc fee is $899), ours is $999. It’s a marginal difference.

Regarding dealer adds - would you rather have 10% in stock with an $899 fee or 16% with a $999 fee plus $1k in adds? On a $65k MSRP 6% is $3900. I’d pay for tint, etch, nitrogen and wheel locks all day if it meant saving an extra $2900.

Would you rather us not offer in stock stuff at all just to appease you? Feel free to go pay MSRP or invoice at your local CDJR store. Total deal cost comparison doesn’t remotely come close…

To be honest, I think it should be landfilled. I always advocate for evaluating deals based on total cost. If it doesn’t work for you, oh well, thanks for looking. Everything is spelled out very transparently there in the calculator.

We tried this once. Customers then got pissed they were being charged for adds (even though the exact drive off & monthly were the same by increasing the discount).

Spent an enormous amount of time putting these together but you can legit never win with this crowd, makes me never want to advertise here and stick to other lead sources. Customers outside of this platform are extremely grateful.

UnLoAd OvEr


Just don’t take it personally, especially from the folk who view this all as a game to get to the most unrealistic payment possible more than anything. There’s always a vocal minority out to make a career of kvetching

You offer great deals especially in this current market environment, and the vast majority of users here appreciate it. But you must know the general rule - the loudest ones are always the upset ones


How I feel right now.

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You guys are going to open up a can of worms. LoL :joy:

You’re gonna have brokers pissed at you for taking bread off their table and then you will have the betas posting here asking to be spoon fed deals .



I think the main use of a broker is the legwork and assistance they provide. Prime example is the 4xe deals. Anyone could’ve went to Gupton to save $500 fee but A LOT of people chose convenience and peace of mind. These leads won’t lower the amount of clients they serve imo.


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I think a good spin off of this thread, and one that wouldn’t impact broker business, is a thread of specific dealers that consistently offer top dollar on trades. (Not GMTV or Carvana - iBuyers types)

With 4xe repeat flippers, I’m sure you could quickly figure out which dealers to contact.

For example; I just got numbers on a '20 Acura MDX, here is the dealer that came in the highest in So Cal. With enough postings we could save LH’s a lot of headache cutting out the low ball dealers.

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The brokers had no problem charging $1k fees and everyone applauded them, "free market " blah blah. Free market indeed.


It goes so much further than selling a phone number to a dealer we’re tight with and saying, trust me bro.

Many of us desk the deal and oversee every detail through from order to delivery as well as after sales support.


From the few broker deals I’ve done, the majority have been the former (connecting you and largely disappearing). I think this is a welcome addition to the community (if people temper their expectations). We’re all hacking 24/7 anyway!

I can also see the mods landfilling this whole thread so whaddaya know. :upside_down_face:


bring back these stellar unheard LH deals to marketplace

make LH great again


I’m sorry for your experience. This business is a lot more than selling a phone number, despite what the phone number salesmen on this forum may have you think.


You need the #utzfactor for top notch service!


Stinks you’ve had a negative experience with brokers on this site. My experience has been the opposite. The broker fees I’ve paid have been 100% worth it. Saved me a ton of time and have gotten me phenomenal deals as well. The only time I hear from the dealer is when it is time to pick up the vehicle. I’ve had other interactions with brokers whom I ended up not using and the experience is always pleasant and informative.

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A broker will get you a decent deal, but they won’t squeeze out last penny for you from their partners - the dealers.

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I agree with you 100%. I’ve had the same experience. I just build out my own deals now. Isnt hard especially when you use Car Gurus to see how long the car yoj want has been sitting on someones lot.

You haven’t seen our latest deals have you? :upside_down_face: