Off Topic Landfill 5

Too much methane plus demons taste like sulfur

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This is sure to get the :salt: flowing.

He’s smoking a lot of California bud special.

Not only that, his sticker isn’t 130. I pulled a buildsheet, it’s non comp with ventilated, and some other things but no way close to his claimed 130k. No MPE, etc. His wheels are 10k at best for a better finish, and his exhaust is harder to obtain now but still not what he’s asking for.

Cheese Parmesan GIF by Parmigiano Reggiano

Hey Keith, you need to sign up as a dealer if you’re going to be offering cars on here.

Before you do - go to the marketplace and see the current and past deals that were offered on Volvo’s. Make sure that your SM/GSM/GM/DP is ok with those kinds of deep discounts with buy rate MF. Without them, you won’t get much traction on here.

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Thanks! Already did. Was told to post our deals. Just setting up the calculator links


Please update the title of this thread according to guidlines.

done! Thanks

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Can you send me the discord group link

Can you send the discord too

Hi! What is the current RV and MF for a Sahara 4xe? I’m looking at 36/12, zip code is 92101

Thank you!

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Where do you get the Leasehackr sticker??

'22 Sahara comes with blue tow hooks now? I didn’t know.

Yup, blue tow hooks and little blue jeep stickers on the wheels.

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Appreciating evs, unaffordable gas, loss of home ownership and negative interest rates. I can’t wait for the future :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

But let’s subsidize evs so that tax payer money goes straight to the corporations that continue to raise the prices, and to the countries that mine the materials for the batteries.

Why did we fight for independence again if we’re just going to become Europe anyway?

This threat is very relevant to the future being forced down our throats.

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You’re a terrible moderator fyi. Must not speak poorly against dealer leader eh comrade?

The picture in your user name a joke right? Bc you clearly hate everytbing this country was built upon.

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Who has time to post this garbage online? People should mind their own business and focus on their own problems. Fix yourself and then worry about others “comrade”

Almost time to short some meme stocks again it seems. A little birds told me…