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You really have to be careful what you say here on Leasehackr!

I appreciate the advice sincerely. And I would never let a car get the way of a home purchase. There is a lot of details I left out because this is a leasing site and none of it is relevant. Yes i do call her the loan lady. I can get her real title but I prefer to call her loan lady. This is not my first home but thank you again.

People come here to learn to be financially savvy generally. The people they’re learning from tend to have experience that extends beyond just leasing, as there’s a huge overlap in financial literacy with maximizing your lease value.

Just to put things in perspective, you basically have a whole bunch of people with financial experience trying to help you make sure you don’t screw up getting your new house because what you’re saying doesn’t jive with a lot of experience. No one is being critical.


Well said by @mllcb42. Behind the snark is usually well-intended and thoughtful advice.


Sorry there is a lot more to my situation. But you are right. Even though they told me i could do a few things to make it work I’m just getting out of the Suburban and not putting anything in my name for now. The loan consultant at Tripointe Connect has already made some huge mistakes and i wouldnt take my chances.

Waiting until you’re definitely set seems like the right decision.

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I understand. But initially it was just to make fun, which is not fun for the people on the other end. Its a sore subject because I was “pre approved” for a certain amount and then after 40K in deposits they tell me they made a mistake. The loan process has been frustrating to say the least.

Now can anyone tell me why I have no offers? Any advice? Too much down?

That, I can’t, it seems like a cheap price for a suburban to me, perhaps the right person just hasn’t come along yet.

Sounds like way more reason not to listen to them when they say you can take on a new vehicle before closing.

It’s only been 48 hours and you’ve posted it on a site that primarily is about learning how to maximize value on a new lease. We get some traffic here regarding lease transfers, but not as much as if you posted it somewhere like swapalease. Your numbers seem totally reasonable to me.

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Ill be patient. Ive put it on about 4 different platforms with not much action. Just the usual stupid questions and comments “If only it was 4wd” or “had a bigger motor” Which i dont think the 6.2 can even tow more. Ive always wondered about swap a lease. But jeez its expensive.

Open a new thread under Ask, if you have questions.

If memory serves, they have a few different plans at different price points. I think the one I used in the past was ~$100 and it got the job done quick.

If you’re prepared to take a $1,500 loss on trade in, there shouldn’t be an issue trying SAL first. I have never not moved a car I’ve posted on there.

Awesome thanks. Ill give it a shot. least expensive they have is $225 right now.

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