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Ill be patient. Ive put it on about 4 different platforms with not much action. Just the usual stupid questions and comments “If only it was 4wd” or “had a bigger motor” Which i dont think the 6.2 can even tow more. Ive always wondered about swap a lease. But jeez its expensive.

Open a new thread under Ask, if you have questions.

If memory serves, they have a few different plans at different price points. I think the one I used in the past was ~$100 and it got the job done quick.

If you’re prepared to take a $1,500 loss on trade in, there shouldn’t be an issue trying SAL first. I have never not moved a car I’ve posted on there.

Awesome thanks. Ill give it a shot. least expensive they have is $225 right now.

Hello: Can I please get the spreadsheet?

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Nice ride! Did you happen to have any problems doing an out of state lease for your etron? A couple brokers have told me that Audi won’t do out of state leases, and the Las Vegas dealerships know they have a captive audience so don’t really care about pricing. Any advice appreciated

Hi, I just leased a 2021 chevy bolt and I was wondering if the federal tax credit expired?

Chevy has sold enough EV’s they’re out of the $7500 tax credit.

Also, that $7500 tax credit goes to the dealer, not the leasee

Can penfed and Costco be combined?

Also what’s so bad about penfed’s banking? :slight_smile:

No they cannot for Audi at least, I don’t do Chevy.


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Show balance on a Chase card:

You’ve been declined due to Pyramiding debt. :rofl:

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Have any 840i x drive ? Also m840i x ? Both grand coupe