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Hi there! This all seems a little odd to me and I’m not sure where else to ask this question. One of my friends who I usually trust recently asked if I would go to a dealership and buy a new Mercedes gl 450 for him because “He already got a car from the dealership so they won’t sell him another one for some time.” I am being offered a commission of $1000 to “simply” buy the car and then sell it to him. He said that he will give me the down payment for the car before I go in and then buy it from me and pay it off the same day. It sounds like easy money but it has a sketchy feeling to it. Has anyone heard of this kind of thing or have any advice? Thank you!
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Hi Dan,

I sent you a PM.

The 330 stil good deal? if so PM ME Please, Looking at one.

Pm’ed you please reply

I didn’t know

PM me if you still have this. Thanks

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Can you share the spreadsheet. I am looking for a 2020 s5, p+ sportback

how do i check out the spread sheet

Donny send me a link to the spreadsheet, thanks.

Lease cash is $1000 and $1000 conquest/ $2000 loyalty in most markets. MF is .00118 for June.