Off Topic Landfill 2

I’m laying in my bed, typing on my phone. I apologize for fat fingering an extra e.

It hasn’t upset me but honestly tell me something… if you just start advising everyone of the 10% of msrp on every luxury brand thread on ask the hackrs, are u really helping ?
Polite answer is No. Every different brand is a complete different animal which you need to learn how to tame by learning on this forum.

This guy literally said we never offer any guidance. What an asinine statement.

@Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto, would you mind send me a quote for a '20 4Runner Limited and Nighthawk Edition- 24/12 and 36/12. Zip is 77055. Relatively open on color.
Feel free to PM if easier.


@cranius can you PM the dealer you worked with in CO. I am trying to get one as well.

Hey Ethan, while I have you, what do you think is worse, drunk rich people acting stupid and entitled, or people looking ‘for a deal’. Asking from the service industry.

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Can I get the link. Thanks.

I can’t wait to see what the insurance payment is like on this. :popcorn:


Could be not bad. I got quoted for a 60k 4 series GC, age 17, PA, T1 credit, gap, 350k max coverage on both, 100k medical, 500 deductibles. 75/month for 12k miles + same coverage and 12k miles on a 2020 Volvo S60.

Haha, a lot of people get kicks out of me, this job is pretty awesome, and I’ve made a metric ton of industry connections and friends.

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Except to spend on your gaming setup :grin::+1: but kudos to you - keep it up!

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Unbelievable. On your own? No way.

I’m twice your age and my P3D and 440i cost nearly twice that much to insure 500k across the board.

Squeaky clean driving record, no at fault accidents in 10+ years. I get a couple of “road tax receipts” yearly but attorney gets those swept under the rug with no conviction or points.

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Not on my own, t1 cosigner is my dad. 75/month * 6 for a 6 month one pay, I’m stretching the numbers a bit but it works out.

Hey kids grandpa here. Where exactly was this kind of money when I was 18? You guys in the Stock market on reddit r/wallstreetbets?


Invest all your mommy daddy pennies in $SPCE and $TSLA.


Nah bro dropshipping and forex gurus are the new wave. Gotta flex on tiktok to get those subscriptions and course sales :sunglasses:

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$LAD - $AN - $PAG - $ABG - $GPI

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At 18 I wished I had a M3. Now that I can afford at least 5 of them I rather spend my money on other things…wine and good steak…


I wouldn’t have survived considering the :bat: :poop: crazy irresponsible things I did in a Honda Accord :rofl:

Mrs’ Model Y would be a Model X if she hadn’t talked me out of throwing down heavy on TSLA a month ago when it dipped back down below $400. :face_with_thermometer: