Off Lease Vehicles

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Where do I locate off lease vehicles to buy them outright.


A lot of the used car section at your local dealer will be off lease vehicles.

What is it specifically about off leased vehicles that are calling to you?


I am simply looking to buy/lease a car. Leasing is becoming expensive. I am in KY/IN area. I am leasing a GLS550 for $764 a month 2019 model. I called MB to extend it. They refused. The new vehicles are leasing for $1,200+

I am okay leasing a similar car for around $750 a month. But cannot seem to find one.

Cheapest large 3 row luxury vehicle is probably going to be a wagoneer

Look for a 1 owner 2019-2020 CPO car that shows it was leased on the car fax

The Auction, all others are bought by the dealers before you can get your hand on one.

OR SwapALease for a BMW , those you can swap into and then buyout immediately.

  1. The used car market is an overpriced shitshow. Despite coming down a bit, the used car index is something like 50% above what it was precovid.

  2. Totally related to the above, the number of scams has also gone way up. Title washing is one. Another is never filing a claim against a clearly totaled/flooded car, repairing it and selling it with a clean title and clean carfax.

Getting a PPI can protect you from 2 but not from 1.

Is it worth buying out your vehicle?

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Where do I look?

We’re still trying understand what appeals to you about an off lease vehicle? These vehicles go into the same used vehicle ecosystem that every other used vehicle goes into. Just because it’s off lease doesn’t have any correlation to automatically being a good deal.

The fact that it may have less miles on it than someone who purchased the same vehicle would almost make it where it would be more expensive due to lower miles.

One dealership claims they specialize in off lease vehicles, creatively it’s Other than that look for the 24 - 36 month vehicles on autotrader that have between 15-45,000 miles on them, decent odds that it was a previously leased vehicle though no guarantees.


There’s a 4XE thread here. Pretty sure you can find off lease vehicles there :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Leased vehicles are more likely to be abused vs. privately own, if anything.


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OP may be trying to weed out cars that had been in daily rental service.

Understatement of the year🤣