Odyssey lease offer question

I was offered this deal on a 2016 Honda Odyssey EX-L: $407xmonth (incl. tax) with 753 Dollar Dr. off. It is a 3 year lease 12,000 miles. Sticker price 36 950. Can anyone tell me if this is a good offer? Thank you

Here’s the 36/12K lease program for 2016 Odyssey:

Residual: 56%
Money Factor: .00041

From reverse calculating the deal, looks like a selling price of approximately $32,950, or $4,000 off MSRP.

As a reference, Edmunds Price Promise is telling me that the average selling price of a EX-L is $32,902, so it looks like the deal is about average.

Here’s the most aggressive deal I’ve seen; it assumes a selling price of $30,850:


Thank you. Unfortunately I am in Los Angeles