Ocean Auto Lease - Volvo S60 T6 Momentum

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Hey everyone, as you can tell, I am new here.

I stumbled across Ocean Auto Lease in NJ (and eventually leasehackr) through swapalease.com. I researched nonstop to try to find something on the place and all I find are good reviews lol, which is good, but I wanted to ask if you any of you have had experience with Ocean Auto Lease and Dan (seems like a one man show).

The deal is $2991 down (taxes & fees), and about $372. The price would include tax since it’s being paid at the beginning but I’m leaning towards deferring the taxes to the payment each month. If I were to do this, I would need to pay $1895 which is disposition fee + the usual other fees. I asked him how he makes his money (because most lease “brokers” charge a fee and I was so skeptical and wanted to be honest) and he said the wholesaler he uses pays him.

To be honest, my head has been in circles today with how much I’ve been learning about this stuff. I really didn’t know you could get a lease without stepping foot in a dealership. It seems like the place is 100% legit, it has 5 star reviews spread across about 40 or so reviews on google maps. Yelp is 5 stars too with about 10 - 15 reviews. Even on here, the guy has been vouched for before. You can read my skepticism through this post… but stumbling across the marketplace (aronchi and it seems that this deal is not “too good to be true”. Any tips or advice?

My advice would be not to get hung up on trying to validate that particular place/deal and just to use one of many reputable brokers here. We have a wealth of them offering Volvo deals on Marketplace. Search it for your region, look at their spreadsheets, real latest posts in their threads that may contain most recent one-off fire sale deals.