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Our Goal

My goal is to get you a great deal and for you not to have to worry about the hassle of negotiating. Even if you don’t need any help from me feel free to send me a PM on any advice or tips you need from me, I’d be happy to help.

What’s the process?
First, we find the car you are looking for and confirm numbers with you to make sure is to find the car you are looking for and at the price you are looking for. Once confirmed, we ask for $100 upfront.

After the retainer fee is paid, I will send you a link to a dealer credit app, 100% secure to input your information.

Once approved, we schedule a time for you to pickup the vehicle! Once picked up the remainder of our fee is due and you are on the road in your brand new car! If the vehicle is ordered, the balance is due when the order is placed with tracking.

Please shoot me a PM here or email me:


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What % off MSRP are we looking at for a Defender SE?

Nada zip zilch, they sell em selves. I can get you sticker with the base rates.

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That doesn’t exactly fit the definition of “Crazy Defender deals” LOL


Clearly haven’t been shopping for one LOL


In this market, msrp and base rate is a deal. You’ll see nice and tidy markups, and used defenders are holding their value insanely well.

Thousands of dollars off market rate is hard to scoff at.

2022 Range Rover Sport HSE Silver Edition
Eiger Gray/Black

Deal Pending

Scratch that, I can have it ready for delivery ASAP.

can you post calculator?

Deal is pending to another lher

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Would you be able to post price of RR Sport? Would be very interested, but looks like it’s already pending. Have been looking around for one and it’s hard to find any availability or pricing.

Not really worth posting of someone already snagged it. I do have a 110k autobiography in bound, ofc a lot more. I also have the full-size P400SE, HSE, and P525 HSE

Howdy Quentin,

Sent you a PM about a X6 m50i, but haven’t heard back in a while - should I assume those are going for MSRP? (Bummer!)

Unfortunately, I don’t have any allocations or stock at the moment. We unlike other brokers do not sell cars without the allocation needed to fill them.


Any allocations for 22’ M240i?