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Quentin recently helped me get into a QX60 in PA. The local dealers weren’t serious about dealing and gave me the runaround over and over again. I got in touch with Quentin and he was able to get me a deal way better than anything I was being offered and helped me take advantage of an owner celebration event code to get out of my previous QX60 lease 4 months early. Not to mention getting me the exact color combination and packages I wanted.

The process was really easy and fast… I didn’t make a final decision until there were only 4 days left in the month and he was still able to get it done.

Thanks again, Quentin!

Nyclife - good deals at a competitive rate

Worked with Quentin for the last few weeks. Absolute pleasure to deal with and does what he says. If you’re in one of his areas, well worth contacting in my opinion.

Nyclife - good deals at a competitive rate

Hi nyclife, do you have any details on a Q50 or Q60 in SoCal?

2018 Infiniti QX60 AWD - MSRP $46,310 17.5% Off 39/10K. $312/Mth with $2800 MSDs. $273/mth with MSD and VPP. Zero Down - No Broker or Dealer Fees. NJ/CT

@nyclife may reach out to you, and will PM if needed.
Looking for possible loaner lease C300 AWD for a relative in northern NJ.


This is a review thread. PM Him your questions/comments.


I’ve never used @nyclife but I have sent him a bunch of PMs and he has always been super helpful and given me some pointers. I will definitely be using him on my next lease. He has been awesome.

Now only if there was a way to get my wife out of her rogue lease 2 years early :joy:


Got a Rogue and just got a QX50 quote[not very good], so i am or will be seeking to get out too.


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No need to be snarky. It was a comment to remind people that this is a review thread, since nobody was able to read the other 15 times it was posted. The point is to keep this on topic so someone in the future doesn’t have to scroll through unrelated junk.

Feel free to pm me if you want to discuss thIs further. There’s no need to clutter the forum.


Quentin is the real deal, he has the deals he posts about exactly and delivers them exactly and immediately. Probably call him when you’re done kicking tires.


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Extremely busy over the next two days, will try to get back to everyone by tomorrow night. Thanks for your patience!


I was one of the reasons Quentin (@nyclife) was so busy over the last week. After trying to hack a deal on a QX60 in my area, really ever since I joined LH a year ago, but in earnest over the last few months, and striking out miserably (best offer was 12% off a base model with VPP), I enlisted Quentin’s assistance in securing one. He was able to secure one at an amazing discount (considering I am in a region with only $1000 lease cash). More importantly, he was able to arrange delivery to my moms house in MD, so I didnt have to journey all the way up to PA. A couple of highlights, 1) if you are in NC and want an Infiniti, Quentin’s dealer knows how to handle the tax situation now, it took some back and forth to get their title/registration company trained but they should be good to go and 2) when a mid month extra $1000 appeared (thanks @tpgh), Quentin was able to get that added into my deal at the 11th hour, while he was attending a family friends graduation.

MSRP: 51,510
Selling price: 41,803 (with VPP)
Driveoffs: $638 (first month, doc fee, reg + 8 MSDs 3600)
Monthly: $350.79
39 mth @ 12k per year

2018 QX60 Premium, Premium plus


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Thanks for the review Jason, enjoy the QX60!!!


Thanks for sharing the details!


I had been tracking Quentin’s deals on LH for a while and I asked him a ton of questions about lots of various cars because I had no idea what I wanted. Quentin answered all of my questions and recommended me some really great deals in the end I pulled the trigger on the X1 loaner deal he had as it served all my needs. My tires were about to go below the allowable wear limit and instead of getting a new set of tires I wouldn’t be using I spent my money on two months of car payments.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 BMW X1
MSRP: $ 43, XXX
Sales Price: $ 35, XXX 19% off
Ex-loaner with 3000 miles
Monthly Payment: 368
Drive-Off Amount: $2000
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: 0.00166
Residual: 59%

Thank you to @nyclife for brokering this deal for me! I highly recommend him!


Enjoy the car!!! (2020)


Just completed my second deal with Quentin last night, taking delivery of a Q50 Sport at a price that no one else could touch- believe me I tried, not only with local dealerships, but with the other brokers on this site. I pivoted over a period of 2 weeks from a Q50 to a QX60, and back to the Q50. He must have been annoyed with me, but it never showed, and he remained responsive throughout.

When I finally decided what I wanted, he found me exactly the car I requested- base with no options- very hard to find in the Sport model, and he did it in minutes. Then the paperwork was completed over my kitchen table the next day with the car delivered to NJ from PA for free. Why would anyone sit at a dealership for hours getting jerked around when you can just hire Quentin and have it all done for you? Not sure, but I know I won’t…

Oh yes- the first deal was a gorgeous Volvo S90 just 3 weeks ago. Transaction was just as easy, which was why I asked for his help again…

Hire this guy, and stop sweating the details.

Seriously, stop reading this forum and just hire him.


Joe, Enjoy the S90 and hope your cousin likes the Q50.