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Thank you Quentin for providing the wonderful car lease process. He really saved a lot of my time and money! I will definitely get back to Quentin if needed. Quentin was very reponsive, and answered all my questions in a timely manner.

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Pleasure working with you! Enjoy the new car!


Took the weekend off. Some personal stuff and blew a tire


Hi Quentin,

Sent you an email requesting your assistance to find an good deal on 2019 GLS 450.




Hi Quentin - Will you be able to assist?


Thanks Quentin for providing the fantastic car lease process! Saved us a lot of time and money and we really love our BMW 330I! Quentin took care of everything in real time and we got the car just in couple days after we saw the deal. Also the price is incredible and it’s totally worth the broker fee!

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Will not be working tomorrow!


Was boating yesterday, family member got admitted to the ER and is there overnight. So I will be in and out today. Thank you!


Sorry didnt see this prayers and speed recovery


Prayers for your family


Best wishes buddy!


Highly recommend Quentin. Just picked up my brand new 2018 X5 for roughly $3000 down (tax, fees, first) and $494 a month. In and out very quick. Absolutely worth it.

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I sent a good friend to Quentin. JP has shortened the list to a QX50, Volvo XC60, and Mazda CX9 Quentin, as JP pointed out told him what the hot deals NOW are. No wasting time running around to dealers, calling, emailing.

Quentin also told JP to consider a few other similar vehicles that may surprise him, and they got a great deal on a Subaru 3.4 outback wagon done and JP was thrilled. The deal was fast, painless, well below anything our local dealers could do and more importantly
Nope, done in 48 hours!

I used to be a wholesaler from 2004-2009 and ran a retail dealership 2008-2009 (relax I wholesaled AND ran the dealership a lot of car people have multiple businesses) and I can tell you that a strong broker/wholesaler will save you a lot of money, time and aggravation. Go play golf, tennis, with your kids, etc while they do their thing!

Thank you Quentin.

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Thanks Edmond… Hopefully JP enjoys the outback!


He and his son John are THRILLED with it. JP has had BMW’s, Infinities, etc and the Subaru is right there with those brands in his opinion. Great call on your part

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Got a '19 XC60 T5 Momentum in December for $410/month with taxes/fees down and 10 MSDs. Dealer closest to me was quoting $619/month with approx. $4000 down. Quentin-- Thanks for all your help!

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