NY resident doing MSD with NJ Dealer


My last lease was from a nj bmw dealer and they allowed me do MSD.

Can I do MSD with a Mercedes dealer in nj? I searched and found Lexus doesn’t allow that. Not sure about Mercedes. TIA

Mercedes allows it AFAIK


AFAIK Lexus and Infiniti are the only brands that don’t allow it.

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Thanks a lot guys. Dealer said can’t do msd because the discount offered is already too good.

Too bad. Maybe remind them that MSD doesn’t cost them a penny. They get to charge the rate they were going to charge…


That’s why I don’t understand why they wouldn’t do it.

Not sure about NJ but I had msds done in PA when I got my GLS and I’m from NY too.

Ask them in a polite and probing way: “It was my understanding that doing MSD’s doesn’t change any of the profit on your end, and you would still collect from a marked up money factor even if I did buy it down with MSD’s. Would be be help to help me understand how me doing MSD’s would be costing you as the dealer any additional money?. Would genuinely like to understand here so I know for the future. Thank you!”


You can’t fix stupid. Just move on.

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He said it himself me doing msd has no impact on them. Just the “system” doesn’t allow him to do it.

Other than this msd nonsense the guy is actually quite nice.

Up to you how much you want to push then, if you’re getting an objectively good deal that would be hard to replicate elsewhere then maybe just drop it.

With msd is ok deal? Without it is just meh

But MSD isn’t changing your discount or anything, so it sounds like you are really just saying this is a meh deal in general.

I don’t think MSD’s usually make a deal, they’re usually meant to be a cherry on top, not the difference between worth it or not worth it.


Hmmm, good point. Now you got me reconsidering my deal :grimacing:

Ask for one pay lease, it could save You around $100/m.

Yeah if msd doesn’t work out I’ll consider it.

Toyota also doesn’t allow msds for NY residents

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