NY/NJ RX350 AWD $495/month 12k 36months HELP Evaluate Please!

I was working on a deal for a volvo v60 CC with NYCLIFE( who is amazing btw) but decided on an RX 350 AWD.

Here are the best numbers I’m getting in the NY/NJ area, and I’m going to sign tomorrow.

MSRP 50,800
Sale Price 44,500
Rebate 2,800 (1,800 Lexus rebate + $1000 Morgan Stanley Reserved discount certificate)
MF .0002
MSD (3) 1500
Residual 55% 12k/36month
Tax 6.875%

$495/month (includes tax) with only 1st month due at signing. All dealer fees, acq fee, dmv fees, taxes rolled in.

Most dealers here were $585/month, so I think I’m good.

That’s pretty good. Was 3 MSD the max?

yes, 3 was the max or it will bring the MF below 0%

solid. enjoy your new ride!

thank you! It’s actually for someone I know who hates wheelin’ and dealin’

Looks pretty! Which dealer you went for. I am also considering RX 350 and I live in NJ

Worked with Dick Shore at Lexus of Englewood. I did the negotiation over the phone, and he got me to $511 before msds. I learned that I can ask for the MSDs when sitting with the finance manager.

For some reason, the finance manager said the max MSDs was 2 and the monthly would be $500. No biggie, it was good enough, and the deal was signed Friday.

Dick is a bit old school in his sales approach and will want to explain all the features of the car and how great Lexus is. Other than that, he was really easy to work with. Also my deal included a $1000 certificate to get me to the $511.


What was msrp of your car? Base or fsport?

base with some options no nav $50,694

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