[NY/NJ/CT Area] 2018 BMW M3 6MT - $804/mo - Individual Interior/Exterior - 1 of 2

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Car has moved. Thank you for your interest.


looks nice, but good luck transfering a m3 without even ZCP for that payment.

You seem to be aware of the high cost, so I’ll just say, damn that is a beautiful color. Best of luck with the transfer.

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I’m not sure what the obsession with ZCP is. It really is nothing special.

Thank you! It really is amazing how much this color changes in different light.

While the payment is high, it should be considered that this includes a $1500 wheel and tire plan, as well as BMW maintenance and tax rolled in. Without the wheel and tire it comes down to the high 8’s, which is a great deal for this car.

Anyone who really wants the car can chat with me about different incentive options. No expense was spared on the modifications, and no matter what, you’re coming out with a 6k Clear Bra + Coating job for free.

maintenance doesn’t transfer. high 8s is not a great deal for the car. Most people would rather have ZCP than the custom paint job. Offering some incentives would be a good start though :slight_smile:

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I’m aware that it doesn’t, but you can refresh the plan since the car has it, which might be well worth it depending on what the next owner is looking to do. I believe the cost is $300 if you get it at a good price. If not, I’ll refund that $600 to the next owner.

High 8’s absolutely is a great deal for this car at the time it was leased. IIRC, it was about 870/mo with 1st and DMV on delivery before I added the extra items. For a new, custom ordered M3, I don’t think you’re going to get much more of a discount if you were looking to do the same thing. Maybe $10-20 more could be squeezed if you tried.

Again, not sure whats up with the ZCP obsession, unless you’ve driven both extensively (and on the track, as I have) then I don’t think there is much merit to claiming most people would prefer that over the custom paint job.

Problem with the transfer is that you can get a CS for the same payment. Car looks good though

Appreciate it, and I understand that (and specifically stated that I don’t care, lol), but realistically after a deal is worked out and any kind of incentive is paid, I’d suspect the next owner will be in the mid to high 8’s. As I said, if you can get a CS for that price with $0 down and taxes rolled, then by all means, do it.

It sucks that the failure of the CS in general has turned the M3 market to shit. That said, I know plenty of people who refuse to get the CS due to the lack of a manual trans.

Probably best to offer that incentive upfront in the payment. I had a manual M3 missing ZCP as well for 646 + taxes/fees. Never sold… later traded. Proof is that these cars don’t sell, especially the manuals.

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I’ll happily discuss it with whoever is interested. I can’t offer anything now because it will be largely determined based on whether or not the new owner wants any of the cosmetic modifications. Those alone are worth 2k, so if the next owner wants them, they can keep them, or I will take them off and offer cash.

Weird that car never sold, I traded out of my last M3 at $838/mo no ZCP in one week on Swapalease.

Perhaps I posted this in the wrong place to find an enthusiast. I just figured I’d give it a shot in case there was someone who could see the value (which I’d imagine is more so to someone who’d want to buy this out in the end).

Lol lol lol lol lol lol

Thank you for the laughs I appreciated them

Gorgeous car! And thank you for driving a manual!

If i only had the funds for this…Good luck with the sale OP

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No prob, thank you for the laughs too, its clear that you probably didn’t read the whole thread and don’t understand that this car will more than likely have a lower effective payment for whoever is interested.

One thing I always find interesting is how people value custom or individual colors. It’s certainly worth something to the original owner, but rarely ever to a new owner. If a custom color was a $5K add on, on the window sticker, the original owner cannot expect to get that money back.

I always think about this ad.

I can tell you that the car is definitely not getting an incentive to remove the individual color cost.

As stated, this car is going to be for the right person, who sees the value, and falls in the love with the combo. I don’t have to get rid of it, but I am more than willing to work with the right buyer.

The next owner for this is ideally someone who wants to buy it out, as they’ll be receiving 6k in clear bra and ceramic coating for free.

It’s also worth being noted that some individual colors command more attention, like San Marino Blue.

I’m willing to put a good amount as an incentive on this, but if I do, its not coming with any of the cosmetic modifications.

Updated OP to include info on possible incentives for the next owner depending on what they want to keep or not keep.

Not sure if you are aware, but NYS sales tax is paid upfront and not transferable or refundable if the car leaves the state. So if register in another state like NJ, the new person would pay full NJ sales tax (6.625%) based on the monthly payment adding another $60+ per month.

May limit your audience or something to take into account for when offering an incentive. Very frustrating as I don’t look at NY cars on swapalease even though I live 15 miles away in NJ.


Beautiful color. I miss my M3 sometimes. Try advertising on the forums and lease transfer sites.

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Yeah, its a total scam. Willing to work this out with the next owner tho if they are out of state.