NY Insurance Law Change

So I purchased a car last month and was registering it in my name such as my last car. The dealership called me and told me there is a problem because me and my father have the same first name, last name however I use my middle initial J.

Anyway the insurance card is under his name ( no J) so NY DMV won’t accept the registration application. Now I call Geico to get my own insurance card and they said April 1st the law was changed so that if your registering your car you need to have your own insurance policy.

I’ve been listed under my fathers insurance for the last 6 years and my previous car was registered to myself. All the Geico agents I spoke with when I got the quotes and binder when I purchased the car knew I was not the policy holder and hadn’t to call my father to verify the transactions. Why didn’t anyone mention it till a month later that I have to get my own policy and almost triple my premium? Do I have any recourse? Can the dealer write a new registration application without the Middle initial to push it through?

So are you asking if the dealer will break the law for you?

Good luck with that


Yeah, you want them to commit a crime. We can be hard on dealers here but this dealership is doing it right.

Are you a 20 something living at home and have insurance through your father? You say you have been on his policy for six years so I’m assuming you are a young man and that is why your own insurance would cost so much… although after 21 I’m surprised it would be three times as much as being on Dad’s account. Also, is there really a NY law now that says a kid living at home can’t register a car if he/she is on their parents policy? I’m wondering if there is more to this story.

If not, just get your own insurance for a month, register the car and go back on your dad’s insurance.

Sounds like you’ll need to get your own insurance. There’s no other option here unless you want to put the car in your dad’s name and have him buy it from you. Shop around and choose whichever insurer you like best, it doesn’t have to be Geico.

As someone else mentioned it might be cheaper to have pops assume the loan/lease but that’s nor here nor there.

Good luck.

I called NY DMV and they said the only law is the name of Insured must match name of register. Since I am a driver on fathers policy I am Insured, it doesn’t say anything about policy holder. They told me to make them give me an ID card with both names or go to different company. Also recommended calling NYFS to file complaint as they regulate the insurance companies.

How old are you? Most carriers will let you stay on a parents policy until you turn 25 or 26 (depends on the carrier). Once that happens the only way to stay on is to have your Father own the vehicle and list you as an additional insured. I am not in NY and do not know NY laws but most carriers will have the same rules. Also if your not in the same household you need separate policies anyway.

Do you really want your Father to be on the hook if something happened in your vehicle? It may cost a few extra $$ but getting your own policy is probably the best situation for all involved. In my area Geico is kind of pricy right now. Find an independent broker that can shop your policy to several carriers and get the best company/deal you can.

When you are asking why the Geico “agents” did not catch what was going on. They are low paid call center employees. Get a real insurance rep who will take the time to know you and your situation. Their advice will be worth something.

Update!::: After much back and forth Geico finally provided me an insurance card with both our names on it, which NY DMV accepted.

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