NY 2019 Volvo XC60 T6 R


Hello everyone!
1st post. Looking to lease a small SUV and this Volvo XC60 seem nice. This is the current offer on the table. Thoughts?

MSRP $65,200
Selling price $57,050
Residual (.58) $37,816
Lease term 36m / 12K
Deprecation: $19,234
cost: $534.28
Money factor 0.00093
finance: $88.23
Monthly $622.50 (taxes not included, see below)

Dues at signing: $4,148.85
1st month $622.50
Registration $350.00
Doc fee $75.00
Inspection & tire $22.50
Sales Tax $2,083.85 (NY) 8.875% (I think this is wrong or I’m incorrect)
Bank fee $995.00

NY tax varies by county. The 5 boros of nyc are 8.875% while Nassau and Suffolk are 8.625%. You can check online at the official site (google it).