Numbers on closed deal for f150 platinum

I just wanted to post these numbers in case anybody was looking for an f150 platinum.(Pictures are posted in the trophy garage if you want to see) I can give you the name of the dealer in pms but they weren’t very thrilled. If you think I missed anything feel free to give me feedback because I know the numbers but still relatively new at negotiating with stealerships.

Shadow black f150 platinum

Term 36/15k
msrp: 65,405
sales price: 57,769
Incentives: 3,250 (1000 nfl ford military)
sales price w/ incentives: 54,519
mf .0005
residual value 56%
due at signing $0
first months payment “waived” (rolled in I guess they glanced over it)
Ford wearcare $5000 damage protection ($850)
Extended warranty 3 years 48k miles (free)
Free bed extender/spray in ($900)
$700 a month

Blue Jeans Metallic
Term 36/19.5k
Msrp $65,405
Sales prices $ 57,669
incentives $2250 (lease cash only)
mf (1.45% too lazy to calculate number)
residual value 53%
due at signing 0
same deal as top no 1st month payment
Ford wearcare ($850)
Extended warranty 4 years 75k miles (free)
Free bed extender/spray in ($900)
$749 a month

Doesn’t hit 1% and seems packed with extra product that’s labeled as “free”. Pretty awful deal IMO

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wow thanks for the response, not to be that dude but you do understand 1% rule is for 10k mile leases right? not to mention they are with minimal driveoffs i.e first months payment plus doc fees, tags etc. Please don’t post on threads where you have no idea what you’re talking about, you make yourself look stupid. I’m looking for ways to improve, not looking for people to criticize my deal without giving me constructive feedback ( I do agree the extras probably added another $50 and they just blew smoke up my ass telling me it was free but if you know anything about trucks you would realize a bed liner is pretty necessary)

with minimal driveoffs ($1500)
without ford wearcare ($850)
with 10.5k miles
without bedliner + bed extender ( $900 “value”)
without “free” extended warranty ($500 “value”)
555/ 65,405 = .85%

Also wanted to add that delaware pays 4.25% sales tax on sales price as well as a 2% usage tax on top of the monthly (roughly $85 dollars in taxes per month) I should have added that to my original post.

I was wondering why you’d need an extended warranty, but then I saw the 19,500 miles per year. The factory bumper to bumper warranty expires at 36,000 miles, so a good portion of the lease wouldn’t be covered without it. Excess wear and tear coverage is probably good to have on a pick-up truck, too.

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How on earth do you expect 1% rule and have close to 20k mile allowance per yest ? Please tell us all…

Looks like a good deal is sales tax included?
If so how what was the sales tax?