November Volvo S90 T6

if only the Cleveland Clinic was A-plan #feelsbadman

There is ways to still get A Plan. I have been researching it and have had great responses from others in here on how to do that

$333/mo + tax and all on a 60k MSRP, 24/10 with 10% off + all incentives and 10 MSDs. Still not bad :slight_smile:

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True car and a plan are the same thing.

My fault. I have been getting so confused with this car specifically lol

Just got home from picking up a car @nyclife brokered for me with my a plan. I’ll leave it up to him to post deal specifics if he chooses to.
Edit: forgot to mention deal was in October using October promos and rv
2018 s90 T6 momentum, 60535 msrp
Full msd of $3500 due at signing
Sign and drive lease with the exclusion of msd
All fees, tax, plates, bank fee, and FIRST month payment rolled in
24/10k per year
$301 before tax, 324 with 7% tax
301/60535 = .497% cub?:smile:

I can’t say anything about @nyclife that hasn’t been said already. He is worth his weight in gold on Volvo’s and a great guy to work with.

The s90 is a wonderful car, just drove 12 hours home in it. Pilot assist made the drive a breeze. The system is phenomenal on the interstate. Was able to take in the fall foliage while pilot assist did all the work. This thing is a great highway cruiser. I’m already dreading giving it back in 24 or 30 months )if vcfs let’s me extend)

@Ursus before you say t, I’ll post in trophy garage after I get all the road grime off. :smile:


Lease newbie here.
I’m actually looking to lease a S90 T6 inscription. The one I saw at the dealer has a $63.7k msrp. I’m in southern california, should I shoot for 10% off MSRP then subtract my A-plan bonuses and incentives (~$11.5k) from that?

If so, would this be a realistic lease?

Also here’s the Nov T6 Inscription lease numbers I found on edmunds for 24/10 and 36/10
T6 INSC - .00022 and 57% / 48%

Is this with the A-Plan pricing? Stellar deal!

Yes, all worthy S90 deals are with aplan

Really interested in getting an S90 now. Guess I need to do some Aplan research and start bugging my local dealers…

Same here – wish I would’ve known about the Costco promotion before it expired. I’m reaching out to every person I know who could possibly have a way to get the A-Plan pricing haha.

Yes but when you see your neighbors unwrap their Mercedes and Lexus, you will feel like you got a second tier warmed over re-gift from Volvo

Never! I’ll take new S90 for under $400 over loaner E-class any time. And won’t even look in the direction of Lexus. But would take a new Audi for the same money.

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Have to disagree if its a C300, I cannot stand my C300 after driving an S90 and Alfa Giuli, even an XE is way more fun to drive. And when I was at MB as a concierge the e300 is a snore when compared to an S90 T6 to me (I drove the e300 for thousands of miles as my demo vehicle.)

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So is there some master list of what qualifies for A-plan, I cannot find it anywhere.

If True Car and A Plan are the same, can’t anyone get the pricing offered by True Car which makes A plan unnecessary? I feel like I’m missing something here.

Ok i want in. Where are people getting these deals? Im in san diego.

It would be ironic if being a MB employee qualified you for Volvo A-plan…

Yes, 10% off a 2018 before incentives is a good target. NYClife was able to get some larger discounts for his clients. Also, if your local dealers still have 2017 models, you should target a larger discount.

Yeah, TrueCar offer me 10% off, but that’s still nowhere near some of the discounts that other folks are receiving, and also doesn’t pick up the A-Plan pricing discounts.