Not sure what to do…4xe order


Ordered a Jeep 4xe on 6/1. It’s still gathering parts (19 weeks later). I’ve extended my bmw lease the allotted two months they provide. However, that comes to an end on the 26th of October. I’d venture a guess that the earliest I could get my Jeep is Dec. and I don’t even want to think about worse case scenario.

So, how do I bridge the gap between vehicles? Must have a vehicle to get to and from work, as well as pickup my son from his sitter.

Any amicable options? Do I continue to wait or bag the Jeep and find something different?


pick up a tesla (no tax in NJ) from the discord server and flip the 4xe. boom !

I’d get a Tesla, but the DAS is outrageous, as are the lease payments.

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BMW can legally extend you up to 6 months if they want, just keep begging them on the phone. I have had friends get the full 6 months.


Yup i did the same with my sisters lease

Have you reached out to whoever you ordered through, as well as directly to jeep? 19 weeks is outside the norm so they’re you’re first best bet for expediting/having a solution like a demo/loaner as a stop gap. And then yea, continue pushing for the bmw full extension, borrowing a car from a friend/work if you have corporate, or pick up something ending soon on swapalease?

I ordered through @Clutch. He and the dealership have been great. Jeep Chat escalated my build to Jeep Customer Care in the beginning of August after my original build date came and went. Obviously, Jeep US Customer Care hasn’t been any help as the build has been stuck at gathering since June 1st.

Swapalease might not be a bad idea. Guess I’ll also get on the phone with BMW.

Called Jeep Customer Care and they couldn’t find anything. Took my info and will call back. WTF :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

$2k CL beater. Or beg BMW to extend.

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Don’t lease it, buy it. Finance it in full 0 due at signing. If you can get your hands on through the discord channel you’ll be able to flip it and make a few $k or at the least break even.

With the 6 month extension, can you just return it earlier if the new car arrives?

I think you still have to pay sales tax upfront? That’s at least few thousand dollars

Maybe lease this and swap-a-lease after, or sell it if there’s equity?
Residual is only 52% so there might be equity soon after you lease it in these crazy times (maybe not like a 4xe :wink:)

In NJ you end up paying the tax, when i extended an Acura a few months ago, they were super lenient, up to 2 extensions for a total of 12 months, so you can do 1 month or 4 or 6 or whatever, and then do it a second time but after that, no more. You had to commit to paying the tax for however many months you extend but beyond that, its essentially a month to month and if you return it, you don’t owe the rest of the payments, just tax. They were awesome


Thats what I did, got my own financing for full amount and brought a check in at delivery. Only payed $250 order fee upfront. Already have quotes to sell at $2k+ profit.

Any positive equity on your BMW? If yes buy it (if you can) drive until your 4xE arrives and then sell!

Unfortunately not.

Similar situation here. I ordered one in June and it is still in D status as well. I have a feeling in the next couple of weeks they are going to have to start producing these (apparently forgotten) orders as they have to get them done before the 22s go into production in December. Either that or they cancel our orders :-)…but I would imagine the odds are much higher they will still produce it. We may get our 21s at the same time as they are delivering 22s though.

Ordered mine beginning of August and same situation here… What trim did you order? Dealer told me that the chip shortages have caused a delay on all of the High Altitude’s

HA on my end as well.