Not lease related, BMW x7 tires


Hey friends, totally off topic, a lot of you know about my 2020 X7 x40i deal I scored in early September. Now I need some help advice guidance.

My X7 has the 22” staggered setup with the only option of performance summer run flats

Well I live in Chicago and this car is for my wife and 2 year old.

Anyone have any idea where I Can get my hands on. A used set tire and wheel of 21” all seasons

Or a used set of 22” snows

They seem impossible to find, the GM at my dealer advised they get used tires and rims from time to time and that he will keep an eye out for either for me and advised I can scoop them up for under 1k

Buying a set of 21” rims with new all seasons will run about 4.5-5k from BMW.

Buying brand new snows, will cost about $2200 ish

I’m trying to save money obviously!

If I get 21” rims with all season I may even consider selling my 22” set all together
My demo today with my miles only has 6500 miles so I’m fresh on my wheels and tread.

But as of know the thought is to switch for the winter and switch back in April ish when it warms up because this weeks starts those 30° days and only getting colder from here on.

Let me know guys. If you know somebody or know a shop or have an alternative! Open to all ideas

Btw Attached image is the set up I currently have


Btw you posted the wrong photos 100%, kids, mystery green item in tuper ware, and chickens is a strange tire combo!


Good catch man my bad :rofl:

If they came with 22s, it’s advisable to return them with OEM’s as stated on the Monroney. Last thing you’ll need is to be hit with a $6k bill on return.

From what I understand that’s not necessary, but good point I’ll be sure to clearing with dealer!

but that’s why scoring a set of 21’s tire and rim or just 22”snow tires especially if I’m scoring them under 1k
I would just switch as the seasons go, that way when I return I have tread life left on the wheels.