Not Getting Same #s for Quote for 2016 Mercedes C300

Hi Hackrs,

I got quote I have from a Mercedes Benz dealer in Southern California. I entered the numbers in the calculator and it is coming out with a different payment amount. Can you please let me know incorrect. Below is the infomation given and attached is a copy of there quote. Thanks.

MSRP - $45330
Sale - $39030
Residual - 0.62
Money Factor - 0.00152 (autopay)
Term: 36 Months
Documentation Fee: $80
Registration Fee: $325
Misc License Fee: $10
Tire Fee: $8.75
Electronic Filing Fee: $29
Smog Abate Fee: $29
State & Local Tax: $3,519.91
Total Cash Price: $43,022.66
Delivered Price: $43,022.66
Unpaid Balance; 43,979.60
Tax Rate: 9%
Down Payment: $956.94
Total Monthly Payment: $476.99

Leasehackr Calculator Monthly Payment: $467

Any help would be greatly appreciated.