Not feeling too excited Volvo XC40 T5 R design 2022

Not feeling too excited after seeing the numbers for a Volvo XC40 T5. After seeing seeing a good number of post regarding pricing, although I am looking to get an xc40, comments on an xc90 being at 525/month, looked a bit achievable at getting something below. This kinda blows out it out of the water. Does anyone feel I have a chance at better numbers say 200-300 dollars less per month?

From when?


Unfortunately, 2020, this is not the best example -_-

I have a lot to choose from at 4.5% off, if you’re dead set on an xc40.


High MF, low RV, and $0 incentives. It has no chance at being a good deal, even with a significant dealer discount.


Dont forget OP is basing off 2020 numbers


I’m just talking about the xc40. I’m ignoring the XC90 comment for the reason you state.


The only incentive I would get is if I worked in pharma which I dont, for a 500 dollar discount.

@Qbrozen what brands are doing better and does lexus find itself in the same situation. ?

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Thank you for finding this good post, I take a read to it @Qbrozen

Lexus does much better from a TCO standpoint because they hold their values really well. Your best bet is to finance a RX or NX.

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Family friend is shopping for a Volvo now and Bethesda was eager to make deals. See what they’ll do.

Thank you I will take a look at brand as well.

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