North/Central FLA BMW Dealers vs Georgia

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Current 535i lease is expiring in a few months.
Beginning process of at least familiarizing myself with surrounding dealers.
Last experience in NFla was kind of a pain (and I know that SoFla is a nightmare).
In everyone’s opinion, what would be the best method to reaching out to Multi dealers (Gainesville, Jacksonville, Orlando) via blanket bcc email?

Have read Gwinnett Bmw in Atlanta has had a lot of positive feedback. Anyone else had tangible savings of going out of state?

Anyone have direct contacts with one or any dealers, apart from Jax?

I would have to say my only good (i.e. enjoyable and financially beneficial) experience with a BMW dealer in Florida has been in Fort Myers.

Dealers in the southeast part of the state…Generally miserable to deal with in my experience. Unfortunately, some of them have been downright rude :weary:

I have had some very positive interactions with the dealer in Jacksonville, but no really compelling deals as a result.

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Galleria BMW in Mississippi is a pleasure to deal with. Ask for Daniel.

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Laughable prelim offer.
Did not get all the specs but on a loaner with around 3K miles.
MSRP 64,350
$10K down for $390
Didn’t even bother with getting cap costs, MF, etc.

I literally got abuse from the sales manager at Capital bmw in Tallahassee! Needless to say I declined their deal! I found bmw in Ocala a pleasure to deal with but they didn’t have the spec car I was looking for. Went out of their way to help me though. Bmw in Miami, FTL and Tampa. Forget it. Just not interested in negotiating. Not far outside of the state, bmw of Columbia SC and BMW of Mobile AL have been great to work with. Unfortunately it just takes a lot of work to get what you want but the advice on these forums is invaluable.

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I’d steer clear of Fields BMW (all over FL). They are awful with pricing!


If you can make it down to South Florida, I had a good experience with Delray. I did try shopping around with a dozen other dealers and they were the only ones that wanted to play ball specifically on a demo vehicle.

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The Jacksonville dealer sales staff is great…but their pricing is horrific.

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I will echo again the comments on the Jacksonville dealer. They are professional and really a top notch group as far as my experiences go. But, I will also state (unfortunately) that their pricing is literally miles and miles from their competitors sot this has made a deal with them on my end impossible :frowning: This is a bummer as I was looking for an excuse to take a road trip to that part of the state :slight_smile:


YES! Initially, I had less than positive interactions with them, but I found (by accident) a really good CA there who worked SO HARD to try and make a deal work for me. Really really a great guy.


Less than positive experience on my end with their Lakeland store :frowning:

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Hit and miss. You do have a lot of dealers in South FL. Doesn’t hurt to see what Coggin, Delray and Pembroke Pines/Ft Lauderdale come back with.

I slugged out a deal at Braman end of year about five years ago but it was absolute pulling teeth and dodging and counterpunching in the F&I office at the end.

I got a good deal from Fields in Orlando, once. Somehow I just ended up dealing with the sales manager on a demo. I live in Tampa, and the local dealers seem to think they have the only BMW’s on the planet.

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Completely agree!

I cant figure this out either:thinking:

I got my 2019 i8 from TomBush in Jax, and it was a good experience.

You had success with BMW of Mobile? I’ve tried with them twice before, but both were bad experiences. Salesmen giving me numbers that sound good, then as soon as they get me to fill out an app, numbers shoot up. Nothing credit related. I’m 800+ with extremely low debt. Just the usual BS hoping once I’ve driven the car and my credit has already been dinged that I will still bite when they ask for more money. If you have someone to recommend who is warm to the kind of deals in this forum, I would love a suggestion. Lease on my Infiniti is up soon so I’m in the market.