NorCal, 2018 340i lease transfer, 356 including tax


I want to do lease transfer for the 2018 340i. 33 months left (10k annually). 2500 miles used, leased in Apr 2019.
$356 monthly including tax in NorCal. MSD is around $2800 (I forgot it, need to check in the documents)
MSRP $560100.
The reason to transfer is because I want to lease another bmw suv. So maybe need to have around two weeks before transferring this out.

The spec is :

Will posts the looks later


Good pick up for whoever inherits.

I’m interested. Need more specs. Any MSD?

around $3000 MSD. spec is updated.

Ready to take over it :slight_smile:

I agree…this as an LH worthy swap for sure. I have an 18 340i as well that I picked up in April with an MSRP that was about $800 higher and when thats accounted for, my deal and this are spot on. I had to work for mine…someone here can simply pay the transfer fee and roll into this with no effort:+1:

Nice car Cloudpy…this should go fast.

MSDs (assuming you did the max of 7), should be $2800 based on your $356 pmt.

Yes. It should bd $2800. Thx !!

you are ready ?

Do you have some pics? I’m in SF and looking for something like this.
Also, why are you transferring out so quickly? Didn’t end up being the car you expected?

Yup, sent you a private message

See my updated post.

Half a million on MSRP? Golden with diamond encrustation package? :smiley:

Sent you a PM, Interested.

Sent you a PM, Still available?

sent PM, look forward to hearing from you