Noob Here with many questions on different vehicles

I recently saw a Vehicle listed on AutoTrader by BMW dealership it’s a 2016 228i with 6000 miles
The MSRP is 34K What would be a good deal for this Vehicle for a 3 year 12,000 miles lease term?
I know money down is always a NO GO on a lease and will explore MSD options if available via BMW.

If that doesn’t work out I should perhaps look at the New 2017 Model, and maybe the 2017 Accord if great deals are available on those

What should I shoot for as far as monthly payments go?

Not sure if background info is needed but credit score is 740+, and again if MSD’s make sense and will lower monthly payments I will go ahead and do that, after all they are fully refundable at the end of the term lease right?

One thing to note is that as of tomorrow, March 1st, residuals on BMW’s with over 5000 miles will go down by 4% across the board. That means you are going to have to get a corresponding discount off MSRP to compensate. MSD’s are always a good idea if you can afford them, and you will get them back at the end of the lease. Negotiate as if you are buying the car and don’t focus on the monthly payment.

Good to know

searching the forum I found this post here where the OP was able to get a sale price of 36,688 on an MSRP of $46K so based on this Maybe I should negotiate 20 or 25% of the MSRP and with MSD’S I should be at $300 a month or so

They have the same exact vehicle in a different color with 6000 miles for $32K

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Our local dealer is marking those service loaners down pretty aggressive.

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Looks like pretty good deals. This is the vehicle i’m looking at. Don’t know if it’s realistic to expect a drop of 10,000 drop in price , but who knows

Since you have some numbers to play with, use the calculator or better yet, do the math manually after reading this article. This will give you a good feel for the math behind the monthly payment.

Basically, you want a high RV % and a big discount from MSRP. The amount between the selling price and RV % divided by 36 will be the bulk of your monthly payment.

A quick guide is that your monthly should be < 1% MSRP for 36/10k with $0 down. With BMW demos, you should be able to get a much better deal than that. However as some folks already mentioned, things change a lot tomorrow and we are all anticipating how the dealers will react to the lower RV %