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So we have been considering a lease on Honda Odyssey 2020, EX-L. Over the last few days though we are changing our mind to get the car as cash purchase though. We will probably hold the car for about 6 years hence the decision to move from lease to purchase. I am curious to know if there are any similar forums to this where people discuss their cash purchase price deals and hacks? Any recommendations?

I have tried cargurus Instant Market Value and they do not have data on the 2020 trims yet.

The pre-incentive sales price conversations here should apply as much to a lease as a purchase.


Correct. Also check for a prices paid thread on OdyForums. YMMV but I detest that site. We have an 05 Touring RES and I’ve found the people there to be intolerably negative.

Your best bet right now is to get into a 2019 before they’re gone. Make sure you stick to the trims with the 10AT…

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Edmunds forums, sometimes

10AT is why we are going for a 2020. I will check if a higher trim in 2019 comes cheaper then the 2020 EX-L.

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The other place brand-specific forums are useful: finding out which dealers sell you OEM extended warranties at good prices

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This would be our first new car that we plan to hold long. Would you buy extended warranty right at the purchase or around time (3yrs) when the manufacture warranty is about to expire?

The last few months you’re eligible to buy it. Don’t wait til the absolute last minute in case they change their policy or something.

Use the forums to find the best price

The longest usually offer the best value. Even if they exceed your ownership horizon, it can be good for resale

Not true. HondaCare warranties are about 50% cheaper if you purchase them when the vehicle has less than 10k miles and 6 months

@vaibhav1203 request a quote from College Hills Honda. You can buy HondaCare from any Honda dealer, they are the cheapest. You can ask your dealer to match it if you care to give them the business.

Here was my HondaCare quote last year.


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Thnaks. I will check the Odyforum. Looks like a good resource.

So the extended warranty gets transferred? Makes sense if they do it that way.

Ok. I will. I have a contact with them for quoting price for the vehicle. They were a few dollars more than my local dealer, but I will open conversation about this too.
Seems like D82 will be the route to go.

No it’s a totally separate person that quotes Honda Care for internet buyers. Don’t go through new car sales :man_facepalming:

HondaCare warranties are transferable.

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interesting. My email correspondence for the new car quote was with this same person listed on the website.

I did end up financing the 2020 EX-L odyssey yesterday, If it interests anyone, Selling price was 34700. MSRP of the car is 39055. OTD was 37075, with about 30k of it financed thru Honda financial.

D82 was quoted as 2500ish which I declined.

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2019 or 2020? What was the trim and MSRP?

Edited my post above so the info stays all together :slight_smile:

Great deal. Enjoy the Ody. We love ours. 15 years and 230k miles, still going strong! Just rebuilt the entire front suspension last week, Akebono performance brake pads and even painted the calipers :laughing: I take better care of that stupid van than I do my cars.



I had to buy a van that had the OE underbody kit on it. No it’s not lowered, the springs are a little sagged and the tire sidewalls are oversized :laughing: