No Sign and Drive with Audi

Was working on an S3 deal today. Audi REP and Sales Manager said they cannot sign and drive on leases?

Dealer specific or manufacturer rules?

FWIW I don’t recall ever seeing S&D with socal dealers.

Out of interest what kind of numbers are you getting on your lease deal?

Audi and Porsche leases are the worst. From a financial standpoint- cash deals for Audi if you’re trying or expecting to save money.

Why not pay first month (or first + Drive-offs) at signing? Is this really an issue or is this an academic discussion?

Funny that you say that because Audis sell for the same money as their counterparts used. You would think that all their horrible lease programs would keep the used car prices afloat but all it’s doing is keeping Audi’s wallet fat.

I think I leased 2 Audi’s with zero drive off (sign and drive) here in LA…from Beverly Hills Audi (old one next to La Cienega/San Vicente) and Auto Gallery in Woodland Hills. Also an A4 Convertible in 2009 from Penske in West Covina.

I just leased a Subaru, and a couple dealers said that Subaru wouldn’t allow zero drive off leases…again, not true, as I did one from Subaru Pacific.

Yes I agree. It’s a good technique- kind of how tesla only accepted cash deals when it first came out- then leasing (ridiculously expensive and non negotiable for teslas). Exclusiveness isn’t necessarily a bad thing but if you’re looking to have a little extra in your pocket- then that vehicle is not for you.

In Nor-Cal - for what it’s worth - they wanted a minimum $2K drive off -

MSRP - $50.2K
Sales Price - $48.7K
Residual 55% for 36/36k
MF = .00149

Seems crappy compared to what was being offered year end.